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Big Dutchman's new floor systems meet our customers' high demands for hygienic, productivity-enhancing and animal-friendly housing. FloorSystems Top hygiene for farrowing and rearing pens. Our extensive product range for floor systems includes the following components: slats, made of high-quality plastic, available..

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Additional flooring design details can be found in PIH-53, Flooring for Swine. Walls Concrete and wood-frame are both satisfactory for exterior walls. A choice should be made after considering both construc- tion and maintenance costs. Consider also the work required to provide openings in the wall, such as for ventilation

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S. Pedersen and P. Ravn Characteristics of slatted floors in pig pens; friction, shock absorption, ammonia emission and heat conduction Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Ejournal. Manuscript BC 08 005. Vol. X. July 2008. 3. Figure 1 shows the slatted floors made of plastic (polyethylene) with different surfaces

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Sep 13, 2005 . 37)As the dusts and noxious vapours produced in pig units are recognised to impact on human health as well ... st or wood shavings and to combine appropriate provision of enrichment material with good ... Flat decks with fully-slatted plastic flooring and sloped concrete floor. Figure 7-3: Rearing unit..

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Jan 1, 2010 . Step onto a porch and meet more plasticfloors, railings, columnsthe list goes on and on. . was privileged to build a home for a client with traditional tastes; the desire for an authentic lookespecially on his back porch, where he wanted wood, . Each December, our families gather to slaughter hogs

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Vood, concrete, and metal have all been used effec- tively for slotted floors_. Wood slats haYe the lowest first cost and ;:tlso the shortest life. Oak is best, but other hardwoods such as hickory and maple can be used. Preservative treat- ments may be used if pentachlorophenol or some \Yater- based preservative is used and..

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Manufactured with rugged polypropylene, Double L's hog barn plastic flooring reduces stress and chilling of pigs. Manure readily filters through flooring

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Jun 18, 2013 . Floor Types. Fully slatted (plastic). Easy to wash and dry; Achieves best separation between pigs and faeces; Quick drying times; Impermeable; More expensive than most flooring; Can lead to sole bruising and abrasion on knees in piglets; More damaging when wet..