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Wood modification by furfuryl alcohol is a Norwegian developed and environmentally friendly technology, based on years of research and development. A new project . In marine environment, other wood treatments such as creosote and CCA or other materials such as concrete or have been used. The use of tropical wood..

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The SustainComp project aims at the development of a series of completely new wood-based sustainable composite materials for use in a wide array of market sectors, ranging from the medical, transportation and packaging to the construction sector. A primary goal is to substitute fossil-based materials used in these..

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Saw dust from wood can certainly be made into wood composite building materials for furniture and other applications. It can also be incorporated into wood/plastic composites. Each of these applications requires a "binder" or adhesive system. We develop these type of binder systems which are also bio-based. Feel free to..

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Techniques for rapid assessment of material durability to optimize composite materials and processes. Nondestructive evaluation techniques to monitor product quality for process control, and to assess damage and residual strength of existing wood structures. Performance-based methodologies to provide a

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Cork biomass biocomposites: lightweight and sustainable materials. 18. Biocomposite from agricultural tunisian waste. 19. Modified wood-based composites with improved properties and performance. 20. Torrefied biomass filled polyamide biocomposites. 21. Potential of using multiscale Posidonia oceanica waste: Current..

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WPCs are a group of composite materials and products comprised of two primary .. Based on a 40-mesh sample of commercially obtained wood particles, Wang (2007) investigated the distribution of particle sizes. Using optical measurements of micrographs, Wang ... Finland and Norway than in Slovenia (Burnard et al

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In this case, composite materials were obtained based on polyethylene matrix (70%) and hardwood particles. . The crystallinity degree of the polypropylene was found to be 62.8% and the highest values were evidenced for composites based on polypropylene and Eucalyptus globulus and Norway spruce biomass, while..

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Soybean Meal-based Adhesive Enhanced by a Commercial Epoxy Resin and a Post Heat Treated. Process. ... Identification of the Non-standard Deformation Behaviour of European Beech and Norway Spruce during the . How Wood Influences Well-being in Indoor Environments: Building Materials, Well-being and

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1Department of Engineering Design and Materials, Norwegian University of Science and Technology,. Trondheim, Norway. 2Earth Sciences . wood pulp by acid hydrolysis to remove the amorphous regions. The composites were . PLA based biodegradable composites are prepared with microcrystalline cellulose as the..

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One example is kraft-cooked Norway spruce fiber, for which a Young's modulus of 40 GPa is found. The effects of hornification, prehydrolysis, . Characterization Methods for Elastic Properties of Wood Fibers from Mats for Composite Materials , Wood and Fiber Science, 37(4): in press. Google Scholar. , S. and Manson,..