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Feb 22, 2018 . Hardwood Floor. Accidents happen, but removing urine odors from wood floors can seem like a big job. This is a guide about cleaning pet urine odors from . At times the dogs do soak the baseboard and a good cleaning with the diluted bleach water will help there too, It may take couple of times, but it does..

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Effeclean Eco-Pet Hardwood Floor Cleaner is specially formulated for the care and cleaning of varnish, acrylic, polyurethane, solid wood, engineered floors and laminate floors. This product is safe, easy to use straight from the bottle. Provide great results without any harmful VOC's or toxic film residue, cleans streak free..

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Hardwood floors can get dingy and damaged in high traffic areas and homes with kids and pets. All natural restorer for hardwood floors is the easy way to eliminate scratches and scuffs. Bring hardwood floors back life with this non-toxic, DIY cleaner that will make your floors shine like new. Cleaning floors can be a chore

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Mar 11, 2016 . Take squeaky-clean to green with these easy, inexpensive pet-friendly cleaning product recipes

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Dec 18, 2009 . This makes it important to use pet-safe floor cleaners that will both protect the pets and avoid expensive veterinarian bills. Luckily there are a few . The same basic solution can be used for hardwood and laminate floors but should be diluted a bit more to prevent damage to the flooring. Use only half of the..

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I have a cleaning business and we have a lot of rentals. On one rental the stained over the problem with a walnut stain. It made the spots darker and I could see it on the floor. I would go to a commerical wood comapny and ask them how to fix this. We redid our floors we went to Classic Hardwood Floors that sale stain, poly..

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If he hasn't already, your dog will undoubtedly have an accident on your wood floors at some point. Knowing how to properly clean the pee off your floors will prevent urine odor from permanently ..

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Despite the beauty and reliability of hardwood floors, they are prone to collecting unhealthy dust. Over time, even well-tended hardwood will become dull and worn due to daily wear and tear. Contaminants such as dust, dirt, and dander build up on the surface and in between the cracks of your hardwood floors, affecting..

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Hardwood floors bring an earthy, warm beauty to your home. They're durable and, with proper care, last for decades. You can keep them looking lovely by following these tips on how to clean hardwood floors. The first step: Use a dust mop or vacuum to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris that could scratch the floor

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How do I get cat urine stains out of a hardwood floor? I have tried all the pet store remedies. I cannot sand, as the stains are old and deep. Zorianna P., Tuckahoe. Well, the short answer is: with difficulty. If the enzymatic cleaners from the pet store didn't work, you might be out of luck, but perhaps you needed repeat..

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However well trained our pets can be, sometimes they have accidents and we are left with the problem of how to remove the stains and odors from our floors and furniture. Cleaning pet urine odor out of hardwood flooring can be a huge problem. There are many commercial products on the market that can remove them;..

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Keep your furry friends safe by using this pet-friendly floor cleaner in your house. . bad for yours, too!) This nontoxic, homemade floor cleaner works on all types of hard flooring. 30 MINUTES. EASY . For hardwood or laminate floors: Mix one gallon of warm water with half a cup of distilled white vinegar. 6. Dip your mop or..

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Jan 19, 2016 . Odor absorbent: Baking soda is a natural odor absorbing product sprinkle it on carpeting and wood floors to absorb pet accidents. Mild abrasive: Mix baking soda with equal parts hot water and salt to create a mild abrasive scrubbing product you can use for counter tops, sinks, etc. Just rinse when you're..

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1. Do this every other day. Dust, pet hair, dirt, and food debris are all abrasive. Keep these things from building up and marring your wood floor's finish by dust mopping. While a Swiffer might be sufficient for touch-ups, you need a wool dry mop for busy households. Unlike brooms or disposable pads, a wool mop doesn't just..

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Jan 6, 2016 . It is so hard to keep our floors clean with our super hairy black labrador Ramsey. I try my best to keep up with sweeping, dry swiftering, and vacuuming. Her..

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Dec 18, 2013 . Over the past few decades, homeowners have traded in their shag and high-pile for hardwoods and laminates. While often more expensive to install, wood flooring reduces allergens in the home, is more durable, can accommodate more traffic, requires less intensive maintenance, and, for many, simply..

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No matter how well your dog is trained, dog accidents happen perhaps your best friend is under the weather or you have a new puppy. As a pet parent, you need to forgive, move on and clean up the mess. If the accident happens on a hardwood floor, you'll need to clean up the mess as well as the smell. Sometimes the..

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Oct 1, 2016 . If you have wood floors, ceramic tiles, linoleum or vinyl flooring use a vinegar and water solution instead of a chemical floor cleaner. Simply combine 1 cup and 1 liter of water and mop your floors. There is no need to rinse but if you want to brighten and add a shine to the surface of your floor, after it dries..

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Apr 19, 2017 . A step-by-step guide on how to remove pet urine from wooden flooring. Keep the follow tools ready: a cloth, a bucket, Pergo Clean, Oil Care. Did your four-le..

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Hardwood floors will absolutely gleam after Zerorez cleans and buffs the floor with a special commercial buffer. In some cases hardwood needs to be refinished, Zerorez can recommend an expert refinishing company to do that work. But if your floors still have a good finish in place, Zerorez is your best choice for wood floor..