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Cool Dock 4×10 $ NA $525 Roll-in-Dock- 4×12 $ N/A $1263 Handicap accessible piers Floating piers We offer other sizes of pier sections: 3-8 wide, 4-20 length, please email us for additional pricing Pier Parts & Accessories .

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Brock Vinyl Products are made from stain resistant vinyl. If you find the rain doesnt keep your deck and railings as clean as you would like, we recommend power washing to .

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Vinyl Decking, Railing Products Northern Michigan's Premier Brock Decking and Royal Crown Railing Company You'll find Michigan Lake Products' Vinyl Brock Decking and Royal Crown Railing Products highlighting many beautiful homes all around Michigan .

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Endurance Brock Dock systems are built to last. Weather-resistant, 100% vinyl with UV protection ensures that your docks beauty will endure the elements for years to come. So while some other docks become faded, discolored or even rotted over time, Brock .

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We build Boat Docks, Deck & Rail, Aluminum Gangways, Seawalls and Marinas. In business since 1971, Mid-Cal Construction is the most dependable and innovative marine contractor in Northern California. We are a fully licensed general engineering contractor .

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Brock Dock & Patio is a one-stop-shop for your dock customization needs and for on-going service and maintenance. Our desire is for you to fully enjoy your lakefront property in .

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Brock Dock and Patio works with the premier suppliers like to ensure quality finished products for our customers. Sustainable Living Reduce the wasteful cycle of repair and replacement and invest in a product that values the environment. Uses Near .

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