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Dec 11, 2015 . There are two possible locations for the water control layer for this retrofit wall assembly at the outer face of the insulating sheathing or between the insulating sheathing and the existing exterior wall. Insulate the walls of an existing home by removing the existing cladding and installing rigid foam..

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Rigid insulation seems like a good choice to add R-value to the whole wall (breaking the thermal bridging, etc) as opposed to just between the studs like most insulation. But isn't it . Conrad was asking about adding exterior foam board to increase the wall R-value and create a thermal break. He was not..

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Apr 14, 2017 . Yes, Rigid foam (XPS and ISO) boards are frequently used in exterior applications, and can be a great option for improving efficiency. There are a couple of issues with your proposed approach, though: Vapor barrier location. The vapor barrier should be on the warm side (probably inside, unless you live in a very hot..

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Sep 12, 2017 . While cavity insulation provides a thermal break in stud bays between the inside and outside of a house, studs themselves provide a relatively easy path for heat to flow through a wall assembly. Continuous insulation on the outside of a wall is a good way to break this thermal bridge, and using rigid foam in..

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A layer of insulating foam on the outside of exterior walls also helps the framing stay dry by raising the dew point of the surface where water vapor is likely to .. Because its manufacture doesn't require the use blowing agents that deplete the ozone layer or contribute to global warming, polyiso board is considered the most..

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2x4 or 2x6 insulated, framed walls with exterior rigid foam insulation;. Structural insulated .. wall systems include approximately 2 inches of spray foam against the exterior sheathing before the remainder of .. linear feet of an eight-foot-high double wall will require 2,560 feet of 2x4 (160 2x4x16' boards) assuming both the..

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Also, the exterior skin of a house protects the structure and its inhabitants from the environmental influence of moisture, fire, and insects. Wrapping a home with insulating sheathing may be a great idea, but this plan requires a holistic sensitivity. Installation. Adding a layer of rigid foam to the walls of any building is somewhat..

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Products used for exterior insulation typically arrive on the jobsite as panels or sheets 2- or 4-feet wide by 8- to 10-feet long. Rigid board edges may be square (butt joint), tongue-and-groove, or shiplap depending on the manufacturer or the product type. Foam sheathing products are available as scored or non-scored

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We've curated below the most common questions asked about our top rigid insulation choices: THERMAX Polyiso Insulation and STYROFOAM XPS Insulation. With increased attention on resiliency and building code requirements of late, the most asked topics are about mildew, flame spread requirements, and how to..

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Aug 7, 2017 . Measure Guideline: Incorporating Thick. Layers of Exterior Rigid. Insulation on Walls. Joseph Lstiburek and Peter Baker. Building Science Corporation. April 2015 .. 1 The use of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam is another exterior insulation strategy; however, it is not covered in this guideline

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Foam boards rigid panels of insulation can be used to insulate almost any part of your home, from the roof down to the foundation. They provide good thermal resistance and often add structural strength to your home. Foam board insulation sheathing reduces heat conduction through structural elements, like wood and..

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Identify the characteristics of high performance continuously insulated exterior wall assemblies. Compare the characteristics of rigid board insulation with those of medium density spray foam insulation for use in exterior wall assemblies. Investigate the use of spray foam insulation to achieve multiple performance traits in..

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Aug 19, 2014 . In its Guide to Insulating Sheathing, BSC describes the use of exterior rigid insulation board in the enclosure assembly to act not only as insulation but also as the primary sheathing and, in certain areas, as the drainage plane and vapor control layer for the wall assembly (see Exterior Sheathing Profiles..

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Mar 1, 2016 . Rigid foam sheathing is a form of insulation that's applied to the exterior of the building. Since it's used in conjunction with traditional . This is especially critical in preventing damage (such as mold and rot) to framing and walls in areas with extremely cold or damp climates. Since rigid foam is applied on the..

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Rigid foam board insulation provides a high insulating value and is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Typically made of polystyrene, . Expanded Polystyrene Foam is typically used for insulated concrete forms or for roof and wall panel insulation on commercial buildings. Made from foam similar to foam..

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Aug 17, 2015 . The most effective exterior wall construction to protect a home from moisture, air infiltration and energy loss includes a layer of rigid foam installation on the exterior of the wall surface. Studs account for nearly 25 percent of the wall surface and without rigid foam installation on the exterior a condition known..

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The best practice for increasing the R-value in exterior walls is to protect them with insulated foam sheathing. . It usually costs less than plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). . Some builders use two layers of sheathing plywood or OSB for structural support and a seam-staggered layer of rigid foam for insulation