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Energy SAVING Wall CLADDING and STONE Veneer - SUPER Lightweight WALL Stone For EASY Fast INSTALLATION

WideBoard Eco Cladding | Timber Cladding | PermaTimber

WideBoard Eco Cladding. The PermaTimber WideBoard offers a modern edge to exterior facades, producing a contemporary shadow line effect. The WideBoard is quicker to install, with a greater coverage per board than traditional cladding. PermaTimber Eco Timber Cladding is a high performance composite, which..

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Ceraclad is a Japanese pre-finished, ceramic-coated exterior cladding system made popular worldwide due to its stylish finish, extreme durability and self-cleaning capabilities making it virtually maintenance-free. Self-cleaning; 30 year colour test; Fast installation; Modern designs; Low maintenance; Energy efficient..

Dura Cladding Composite planks for domestic and commercial .

Composite cladding can give any low-rise building an instant style update and Dura Cladding from Dura Composites can be supplied in both flush and weatherboard styles to suit most project requirements. Flush cladding planks are fitted together with no overlap between the planks, creating a modern and contemporary..

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Nov 26, 2012 . Cladding is usually applied to a support system of timber battens or a steel frame, attached to the structural wall. The term 'rainscreen' . treated before or after cladding. Hardwoods, from Europe or the tropics, are more durable but more costly than European softwoods, which tend to be more eco-friendly

Low Maintenance Cladding Habitech Systems | Australian .

Habitech uses Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Board as the external cladding on our modular panels. Approved for construction use in the USA in 2003, MgO board is a new generation of high performance construction material. It is an advanced material that meets the modern challenges of changes to safety and durability in..

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Substrate, air-vapor barrier, insulation, sub-framing and exterior facade panels need to be designed as one wall assembly with each element complimenting the other. ECO Cladding sees sub-framing or attachment systems as two parts, what we call C.I. Sub-framing and Panel Sub-framing, working in harmony to create..

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"Easycraft decorative wall and ceiling panels allow you to make a stylish statement in both traditional and contemporary spaces, and offer the flexibility to .. Eco Outdoor's Cotto range of terracotta tiles are produced with traditional techniques and methods, with a look and feel that is authentic to the nature of the material

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Cladding selection presents an opportunity to reduce the overall environmental impact of a home by choosing environmentally preferred materials and systems. Research indicates that external walling is the most important variable element in residential construction (Treloar and Fay 2000). Research findings vary..

Original Eco Cladding | Timber Cladding | PermaTimber

The PermaTimber Original Composite Eco Cladding offers a modern edge to exterior facades, producing a contemporary shadow line effect. . Provision for adequate drainage and ventilation must be made along with the installation of a waterproof membrane / system prior to the cladding being installed. PermaTimber ..

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For centuries, kiln-fired terracotta has been one of the most beautiful and long-lasting building materials that construction has known and has only recently emerged as a warm and timeless medium for modern rainscreen design. By combining our terracotta panels with the System5 design approach, Terra5 is born

Different Types Of Building Façade Cladding Systems To Know About

Aug 21, 2017 . This cladding system gives a very expensive and natural look to the building structure and it also carry's higher lasting value. These are also . Clay façades are environmentally friendly and tough modern facade that enhances the value and the design aspect of the building structure.Clay façades are not..

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Oct 17, 2017 . This ventilation allows for an exchange of air between the outside and the cavity behind the cladding panels, providing the solution for venting any moisture away from the facade. Not only is the treatment fire-resistant, but it's eco-friendly, antibacterial, and it can be applied to large surfaces without..

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Timber panels are an interesting choice for rainscreen appliations given the density of their structure. The panels themselves do not take well to stain or exterior finishes and so it is recommended to allow them to age and 'silver' over time, creating a natural and modern exterior aesthetic. Contact an ECO Cladding..

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A Twin Skin cladding system comprises of a coated-steel liner sheet fitted to the structural supports and a profiled coated-steel top sheet, held apart by a spacer system. The cavity created in . to run wild. Further enhancing its modern appeal, it can be fitted in conjunction with eco-friendly systems such as living walls