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Self-Modification of Policy and Utility Function in Rational Agents

May 10, 2016 . Abstract: Any agent that is part of the environment it interacts with and has versatile actuators (such as arms and fingers), will in principle have the ability to self-modify -- for example by changing its own source code. As we continue to create more and more intelligent agents, chances increase that they will..

An Architecture for Rational Agents - Semantic Scholar

An Architecture for Rational Agents. J.W. Lloyd and T.D. Sears. Computer Sciences Laboratory. Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering. The Australian National University. {jwl,timsears} Abstract. This paper is concerned with designing architectures for ra- tional agents. In the proposed..

Can a rational agent afford to be affectless? a formal approach .

Nov 30, 2010 . In this article, we expose some of the issues raised by the critics of the neoclassical approach to rational agent modeling and we propose a formal approach for the design of artificial rational agents that includes some of the functions of emotions found in the human system. We suggest that emotions and..

Reasoning about Rational Agents | The MIT Press

One goal of modern computer science is to engineer computer programs that can act as autonomous, rational agents; software that can independently make good decisions about what actions to perform on our behalf and execute those actions. Applications range from small programs that intelligently search the Web..