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1512.3.5.3 The required roofing permit application is submitted to the building official within 10 days after dry-in work is started and the slope of the roof deck is 2:12 or greater. [1- Default Not related to structural wind resistance design]. 1512.4 Inspections performed outside these high-velocity hurricane zone requirements..

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field applied using one layer of membrane material (either homogeneous or composite) rather than multiple layers. UNDERLAYMENT. One or more layers of felt, sheathing paper, nonbituminous saturated felt or other approved material over which a steep-slope roof covering is applied. 2010 FLORIDA BUILDING CODE ..

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Where the roof sheathing is less than 3/4 inch (19.1 mm) thick, the fasteners shall penetrate through the sheathing. Exception: If the architectural appearance is to be preserved from below, an alternate method of attachment complying with the wind load requirements of Chapter 16 of the Florida Building Code, Building may..

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For roof decking consisting of wood structural panels, fasteners and spacing required in columns 3 and 4 of Table 706.7.1.2 are deemed to comply with the requirements of Section 707.3, Florida Building Code, Existing Building for the indicated design wind speed range. Wood structural panel connections retrofitted with a..


Roof decks shall be covered with approved roof coverings secured to the building or structure in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. . roofs are sloped to drain over roof edges, design and installation of roof drainage systems shall comply with Section 1503 and Chapter 11 of the Florida Building Code, Plumbing

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It has been established that the local codes enforced since 1980, in Lee County and Collier County were substantial enough that the homes built then meet or exceed the new Florida State Building Codes regarding these roof-to-wall tie-down measures established in 2006 and 2007. The affidavit the roofer provides is very..


2017 Florida Building Code - Building, Sixth Edition .. The drainage condition in which consideration has been made for all loading deflections of the roof deck, and additional slope has been provided to ensure drainage of the . An overflow scupper shall be sized in accordance with the Florida Building Code, Plumbing

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A Monroe County ROOFING RESIDENTIAL building permit application is submitted, reviewed and approved by . An owner acting as his own contractor must have a roof sheathing inspection prior to dry-in to . 708.3 of the Florida Building Code Residential new roof coverings shall not be installed without prior approval

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Florida has some of the strictest building and roofing codes in the country, many of the building and roofing codes were developed to protect building owners from excessive roof damage in the event of hurricanes. Each Florida . FL7271.7 R4 MasterRib Roof Panel, 29 gauge over minimum 15/32" plywood sheathing · pdf..

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Bear in mind that that nails don't cost much and if the roofer uses a pneumatic gun, the cost of adding nails is simply not great and is certainly small in relation to the benefit. In Florida, the existing building code (FEBC) requires that roof sheathing be fastened to today's standards before replacement shingles are applied

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However, Florida never adopted the 1999 Standard Building Code and instead incorporated these requirements into the minimum requirements of the 2001 Florida Building Code Table 2306.1. 8d Nails High Wind Nail Schedule RMS 11.0 Text: Plywood/OSB roof sheathing with a minimum thickness of..

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Sep 17, 2009 . Florida Building Code Improvements 2004 - 2007. Improved requirements for wood to masonry wall interfaces. Allow unvented attics under certain conditions. Improved requirements for roof tile attachment. Adopt standard that rates asphalt shingles based on wind speed. Require improving roof deck..

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Feb 16, 2018 . ______ Renailing wood decks. When replacing roofing, the existing wood roof deck may have to be renailed in accordance with the current provisions of Chapter 16 (High-Velocity Hurricane Zones) of the Florida Building Code,. Building. (The roof deck is usually concealed prior to removing the existing..

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Mitigation Retrofits Guidelines. Roof Decking Attachments & Secondary Barrier. Through research, testing and the analysis of the real life structural damage due to high winds, the state has set forth additional retrofit requirements for homes that were built before the implementation of the 2001 Florida Building Code. Roof

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2D. Building code prior to the 2001 Florida Building Code (building permit application date of 2/28/2002 or earlier outside the. HVHZ). E. Unknown or undetermined. . B. Plywood/OSB roof sheathing with a minimum thickness of 7/16 attached to the roof truss/rafter (spaced a maximum of. 24 o.c.) by 8d common nails spaced..


Exception: Single-family residential structures permitted subject to the Florida Building Code are not required to comply with this section. 706.7.1 Roof decking attachment for site-built single-family residential structures. For Site-built single-family residential structure the fastening shall be in accordance with section 708.7.1.1..


REQUIRED OWNERS NOTIFICATION FOR ROOFING CONSIDERATIONS. 1524.1 Scope. As it pertains to . The provisions of Chapter 15 of the Florida Building Code, Building govern the minimum requirements and . Renailing wood decks: When replacing roofing, the existing wood roof deck may have to be renailed in..

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Sep 14, 2017 . The Florida Existing Building Code (FEBC) and the Florida Building Code, Residential (FRC) have some nuances when it comes to reroofing. If you are involved . When re-roofing is required for single-family homes, the existing (exposed) roof decking must have a certain amount of nails to the roof framing

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Jun 20, 2015 . When you replace a roof on a home that was built before the implementation of the statewide Florida Building Code on March 1, 2002, the nailing of the roof sheathing (decking) must be brought up to current standards for hurricane resistance as part of the installation of the new roof. The requirement..

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Jan 1, 2016 . The Florida Building Commission has taken action over the past few code cycles to increase the protection of existing homes. A good example of this is the requirement for a secondary water barrier and the requirement to add additional roof deck nailing where applicable when reroofing. A properly secured..

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R905.3.1 Deck requirements. Concrete and clay tile shall be installed only over solid sheathing, except where the roof covering is specifically designed and tested in accordance with Chapter 16, Florida Building Code, Building to be applied over spaced structural sheathing boards. R905.3.2 Deck slope. Clay and concrete..