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The hardwood floor refinishing process is easier and less expensive than sanding down to bare wood and takes less time. In a few hours your floors will look as good as new. The job requires using a buffer, which you can rent at a home center, and a vacuum to suck up dust. If you've never used a buffer before, practice in..

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Feb 18, 2013 . The extent of any damage and wear to the old floor. Your specifications, combined with the contractor's requirements. a hardwood floor after a refinishing job. Floor refinishing is a process that takes planning and preparation. Know what to expect before beginning the process in your home. (Photo by..

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Before & After, no one else comes close to my work! PausePlayPlayPrev|Next1 of 142. Fir living room floor before. Fir Living room after. Fir bedoom floor before. Fir bedoom floor after. WORN OAK FLOOR BY DOOR BEFORE. WORN OAK FLOOR BY DOOR AFTER. Pet stained floor. Pet stained floor close up. Pet stained..

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Our hardwood flooring before and after gallery features sanding & refinishing, repair & restoration, and lace-in projects completed in the Twin Cities metro

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Sep 16, 2013 . But my floors are finally finished, and I couldn't be happier with the results! They're not perfect by any means, but I'm okay with that.. DIY refinished hardwood floors, before and after (65-year-old oak floors. Of course, the before picture above was taken immediately after I had removed the 30-year-old..

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Dec 16, 2017 . The before and after pictures below show a professionally sanded and finished heart pine floor that received 3 coats of oil based poly and TLC by Atlas Wood Floors Inc. Looks good as new doesnt it! If you have any questions about having your old floors transformed into something like this, read on, or just..

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This story will show you how to refinish hardwood floors and add a new coat of finish directly over the old by first applying a liquid that roughens the old finish so the .. After spreading it on the floor, you have five to 10 minutes (depending on the heat and humidity) before it becomes gummy and impossible to smooth out

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Questions to Ask a Wood Flooring Contractor. Along with getting an accurate quote from any potential flooring contractors, be sure to assess the following labor costs and considerations before beginning a hardwood refinishing or recoating project: Contractor experience; Contractor references; How many workers will it take..

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Jan 2, 2009 . hard-wood-floor-refinishing-sander. Then we removed the plastic from our vents and fired up the heat to a toasty 75 degrees before our floor refinisher laid down any stain since we wouldn't be able to walk on the floors for 20 hours after the stain was applied (heat helps to speed up the drying process)

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Apr 5, 2017 . Since Jennifer wasn't installing new floors in her home, she didn't have to worry about acclimating the new wood for at least three days before installation. Or, about dust . In the 'after' picture, you can see how the surprise area has disappeared as a result of the refinished wood floors. Note, too, the dark..

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May 13, 2016 . Most wood floors can be refinished, which involves sanding away a paper-thin layer off the top and then mopping on three coats of clear polyurethane .. Sanding will likely take only a day or two, but the stain (if you use one) and each of the three coats of finish will need to dry before the next coat can go on

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Mar 31, 2014 . After about 20 years, most hardwood floors start showing their age; scratches, dullness and discoloring are the most common signs that the wood is due for refinishing. Fortunately, the typical ¾-inch-thick hardwood floor can be sanded about six to eight times during its lifetime. So unless you live in a..


Nov 13, 2014 . Extra coats = extra protection, but only one coat of oil based polyurethane may be applied per day, as it needs 24 hours to dry before applying another coat. For example, a . The first day would be sanding the floor to bare wood, applying one coat of sealer and then applying the first coat of oil based poly

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Aug 4, 2017 . How to Refinish Wood Floors. Under old . Four Methods:Prepping Your Floor for RefinishRemoving the Old Finish by SandingRemoving the Old Finish with a Chemical StripperApplying the New FinishCommunity Q&A .. After staining the floor, do I need to seal before polyurethane, or just polyurethane?Refinishing Hardwood Floors DIY | Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips

Refinishing your floor can take a week or more. A lot of that time will be spent, well, watching paint dry. Pros will let you know how long to stay away and help you seal up the room, but doing it yourself means you're on your own. It's best to wait at least 24 hours before touching the floor after each coat of polyurethane, even if..

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Apr 6, 2016 . Sometimes older floors have been refinished many times. Each time it is refinished a layer of wood is removed until there is nothing left to remove. You can also tell by looking at the floor where the tongue and groove fits together. If nail heads are beginning to show then the wood is too thin to sand