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The most common type is the loose pin hinge that has a removable pin for easy removal of the door. .. drapes. Can be wall-mounted or attached to the ceiling. . Wood Pole Rod. Used with rings for pleated draperies and with high headers. Can have a stained, painted or natural finish. Usually available in 7/8, 1-3/8 and 2..

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Sep 3, 2015 . All the crazy panelingwhich is mostly the same 12 inch pine that's on our floors inside the housewe had to remove some of it from the walls in the porch to replace the wood floor in the kitchen, but once we added in more wood and painted it all white, it had such a nice feel and felt like it was the most true..

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Feb 27, 2015 . These products consist of a rubberized membrane that drapes down into each joist bay from above. . Herbert usually figures $25 to $30 per square foot, which includes the drainage system and a stained tongue-and-groove pine ceiling below, but not any electrical work or the removal and reinstallation of..

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Feb 21, 2016 . Deconstructing at the Ridgeway Church Road Lake House. A little how to remove tongue and groove boards by driving the nails on through with a nail set

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The panels are easy to remove, allowing access to pipes and wires for repairs and making changes. In the past, drop ceilings have gotten a well-deserved bad rap for being unattractive. However, you now can find acrylic or mineral fiber panels and matching grids that look like coffered frame-and-panel wood, decorative..

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Nov 28, 2015 . After painting our dining room, switching out the light fixture and adding modern/transitional decor, something in the room was still missing. I would tweak . 10 packs of tongue and groove beadboard planks(we purchased ours at home depot); for coffered ceiling look, 8 MDF boards (we used 1 x 4 x 8)

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Fit the flat end of your crowbar underneath your first wood panel and carefully lift until the panel comes loose from the wall. Loosen it in this fashion from floor to ceiling. This should make the removal process easier. Be careful that you do not rush or pull too hard in order to avoid cracking or splitting the wood. Dislodge this..

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Feb 6, 2018 . But also, since true shiplap boards are about 3/4 deep, it means that you have to remove ALL of your molding (baseboards, crown molding, door trim) . We went with plywood strips that are only 1/4 deep so we were able to leave all of the molding in the room in place and simply butt the wood strips up..

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Remove soot with Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) solution. A popular cleaner for smoke-damaged walls is Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). While this is a more powerful cleaning solution, it still requires a great deal of time and effort to clean the damage to your walls and/or ceiling. Put on a pair of heavy duty gloves to protect your..

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If you're using a hard covering (wood, tin, fiber planks or a suspended ceiling) you won't need to repair most cracks. But if they . "If you're going to use tin panels, you need a rug or drapes in the space to absorb reverberating sound," explains Glen Eldridge, owner of Houston-based Chelsea Decor-ative Metal Company

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Find step-by-step instructions on how to remove Sheetrock drywall from tongue and groove paneling with as little damage as possible

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Tongue and groove paneling is a significant investment in your home and one that should be well maintained and preserved. Keeping a protective stain on top of the wood will protect it from warps and stains. Removing the old stain is a labor-intensive chore, but your fresher, brighter wood paneling might just become your..

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Installing tongue-and-groove (aka TG) boards is a fast, inexpensive way to panel any ceiling or wall. You can install .. Why Remove Popcorn Ceiling When You Can Cover It With Drywall The perfect solution for an ugly ceiling ... diy shiplap wall easy cheap and beautiful part diy, how to, wall decor, woodworking projects..

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Dec 27, 2010 . Tongue and groove is a technique used to secure lumber, on floors, outside walls and paneling. It employs a tongue or protrusion on one edge of a board that fits into a groove or slot on an adjoining board. Each board has a tongue side and a groove side. Boards are nailed or fastened through the..

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Jan 11, 2018 . Basically it has wood paneling all over the ceiling that I am not a huge fan of. Too dark, I think I'd . Is it just as simple as removing the boards and touching up the underlying drywall and painting? Or is it likely a job that .. Stymied by how to hang draperies on a nonstandard window? Check out these tips..

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Wood paneling and beadboard paneling used to be very fashionable for home decor. However, many homeowners now consider them to look very outdated and wish to remove them. Panel boards typically are installed using tongue and groove, which locks them into place with one another, and they then are glued or..

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Nov 28, 2017 . Covering your popcorn ceiling to make it smooth is one alternative to removing the texture or the entire ceiling itself. . Most home improvement stores carry tongue-and-groove softwood (pine or fir, for example) that you can nail directly to furring strips. Pros: While no ceiling cover-up can be considered..