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AWS Pedestal System: Pedestals for Pavers on Roofs and Decks, Green Roofs; Strong, Affordable, Simple

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Always innovating, AWS Pedestals introduced an adjustable head system in the fall of 2014. Initial focus on the Pacific Northwest use of the AWS Pedestal Systems has now spread across the country. AWS Pedestals are no longer a regional product. The .

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Introduction to Paver Pedestal System The conventional method of setting precast concrete, stone or other type paving slabs into a sand, gravel or mortar bed has had a deleterious effect on many types of promenade and other deck systems. The entry of surface .

Universal Pedestal Mount by Aws Inc. Supplier from United States. Product Id 80654.

Buy high quality Universal Pedestal Mount by Aws Inc. Supplier from United States. Product Id 80654. Help Contact Customer Support Your Feedback Forgot Password .

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View appianwaysystem ,Appian Way System | Site for AWS Pedestal System Home Pedestal Systems Technical Data How-to DHS Pedestal Installation Joist Plate Installation Perimeter Pedestal Installation Calculate Pedestal and P

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Eterno Adjustable Pedestal Support System Archi exclusively supplies the Eterno pedestal paver system which can be used with any structural grade paver porcelain, concrete, stone or wood.

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AWS Pedestal System | For All Roof Deck Pavers The Most Affordable Pedestal System; Simple .. [ Contact US] . roof deck pedestal system costs Wausau Tile's concrete Pavers can help transform your outdoor walkways, plaza and decks. Wausau Tile [ ] .

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Paving and decking - Bauder. for two of its green roof products; ahead of any other roofing company in the UK . more. Media .. The Bauder Pedestal Support System is designed to meet the most exacting . The range of base units are adjustable in height from .

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Company Info: The AWS Pedestal System is an interlocking pedestal support used to level pavers and other natural products appropriate for elevated foot traffic as applied to a pitched deck or roofing membrane. .

New for 2011 AWS Perimeter Pedestal Strong. TM Affordable. Simple.

The AWS Pedestal System Concrete pavers over a PVC membrane AWS Perimeter Pedestal supports cut pavers Atlanta City Hall Green Roof .

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Hardscape accessories of sands, sealers, edge restraints, geogrids and lighting. Representative basic landscaping products at Home Centers shown here. .

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AWS Pedestal System | For All Roof Deck Pavers - Similar to AWS Pedestal System | For All Roof Deck Pavers 1600 lbs of Concrete Pavers held by strong AWS Pedestals AWS Pedestal and Joist Plate Systems can be easily installed | Specialty Lumber .

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Architectural pedestal systems cad details, specifications, and building product information for Appian Way Sales, Inc. . . Your project deserves a more professional edge piece. AWS Pedestal System now brings the answer to these difficult edging dilemmas .

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The AWS pedestal system consists of 7 pieces: Top Cap Bottom cap Top Shims of 1/16 and 1/8 Round Bottom Shims of 1/8 Buffer Pad (optional) Joist Plate (used for less than 1 height) Standard 4 PVC piping between caps This system allows for .

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Since 2006 I have directed the Sales & Marketing for the AWS Pedestal System. Now I do all the distribution under available only through our company name, Puget Lite .