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yeah, that is neat. I wonder why this boat didn't catch on? It certainly has advantages, but for a houseboat, I think it would be difficult to split the cabin in two and have to put up panels in the middle once unfolded (although your idea of hinged walls and roof made a couple of pages back may help)

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Jun 22, 2011 . But, like a house boat, it has incredible water views. Ranging in size from small (800 sq ft) to large (5,000 sq ft), floating homes aren't for individuals who are claustrophobic, or easily irritated by disturbances from otters, rowers, and people who poke and nose around in their kayaks. But space isn't the..

Nautical terms that refer to hulls and boat construction.

When you see a motor boat with its nose way up in the air it is trying to go faster than its hull speed and a huge amount of energy is wasted keeping the nose in the air. Formula :Hull speed in Knots = 1.34 * LWL^ ; Inwale: The inside part of the Gunwale. The inwale faces the inside of the boat, the outwale faces the outside

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7/2014 Charter cruises on this boat ("DARWIN") on the Kalamzoo River, in Michigan! 25' house boat River Walker. A River Walker, stretched to 30'. A good idea! Here's the original. The photos show her stretched a few feet and slimmed down 1', a good change. I'd make her 30' and be tempted to make her 9' wide so I could..

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Items 1 - 48 of 146 . Protect and seal your valuable boat with boat molding from Great Lakes Skipper. We've got miles of molding and much more!Houseboat Building or Repair - What plywood, exterior or marine .

When it comes to houseboat building or a deck repair, what plywood do we use, interior, exterior, or marine grade plywood's? Last September we purchased