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As you browse deck designs, make sure to really consider the shape and elevation of your current space, and do your due diligence on which materials are right for you. .. I like this upper privacy wall and the tarp shade, but not the booth aspect, as I think a corner bench seating design is better for your backyard. - khansard

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Jan 3, 2013 . Free standing decks can go anywhere in your yard, so if you enjoy being surrounded by nature or the garden, a free standing deck may be the choice for you. Another vital factor to consider is the access to the deck. Make sure that the deck is easily accessible. Do you want to have access from the back..

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Outdoor space is great for hosting get-togethers and parties, or even just retreating to a hammock with a book for a couple hours of solitary relaxation. Yard space also opens up the possibility of gardening, which many consider great therapy for the soul. Use these tips to help you in the process of designing a backyard deck..

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Sometimes the best spot to set up a deck chair and relax is at the other end of the yard, tucked into a shady corner of the garden. And if you don't attach the deck to the house, you don't need deep frost footingswhich can save hours of backbreaking labor, especially in wooded or rocky areas where footings are difficult to..

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Leaving the deck about 3-in. below the doorsill keeps crud out and prevents rot. There are so many reasons not to snug decks right under door thresholds. The screen and sliding door tracks on patio doors get full of debris. Storm doors have to bulldoze their way through leaves in the fall. And those leaves will get blown or..