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They're precast concrete blocks that act like feet on top of the soil, supporting the 4×4 posts that hold up the deck. The deck blocks also have slots cast on the top surface to accept 2x wood on edge. This is for the floor joists of low-slung decks that don't need support posts. Floating Deck. Decking Blocks. Is your backyard..

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Apr 6, 2017 . Complete beginners Tutorial With Everything You Need to Know From Structure to Decking and Railings to Glas. . None of the screws that directly secure the joists to the structural supports (the box beam) that are not rated structural screws, have any shear load on them. They are doing what they are..

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Aug 4, 2016 . How to build a floating deck Part 1 Layout and Box beam .. code where I am is that the beam must be over the post to provide actual structure support, if that's code where you are no worries, but you might start putting the beams over . How would you know weather to use deck blocks or concrete footings? How to Build a Floating Deck - The Seventrust

Step 17 Attach joist brackets. Use a drill and decking screws to attach joist hangers to the interior of your floating deck's frame. Attaching joists to a backyard deck. Attach each joist hanger at 16-in. on center for strong support under foot. Laying interior supports into brackets in a deck construction..

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Mar 17, 2013 . Deck blocks are a great little invention that are truly your most affordable way of building a small floating deck like you describe. The quick answer is yes you can use 2x4s with deck blocks to support your decking. And yes if you do choose to use 2x6s you would have to carefully set that deck block a bit..

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By constructing the frame from non-rotting pressure treated lumber, you don't have to worry about this deck ever needing repair due to mildew or fungus invasion! . deck block. Space the deck blocks at 4' to 6' intervals to offer the frame good support. I would not use a frame lighter than 2"x6" lumber. Using 2"x4"s will lead to..

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A backyard deck is an excellent way to expand outdoor living space, but decks can be complicated, time consuming and pricey. One way to build . See more. DIY Floating Deck Plans - Rogue Engineer 10 .. Want To Build Lean To Shed, Need Opinions - Building & Construction - DIY Chatroom Home Improvement Forum

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Jun 4, 2016 . DIY Floating Deck Plans - Rogue Engineer 20 . the deck to the house you will more than likely need to pour concrete footings that will extend beyond the frost line to prevent the deck from heaving up with a frost. . Now we attached the BSC post cap bracket to the post using 1-1/2 connector screws

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Feb 16, 2010 . Decks of this sort are subject to all kinds of building codes, and to be in compliance with the law you must apply for a building permit and have the structure inspected at different points during the construction. This kind of attached structure requires deep concrete footings that extend down below the frost..