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These finishes are formulated with UV filters and other special features that make them suitable for use both inside and outdoors. A great choice for doors, windows, outdoor furniture, and other exterior or interior wood exposed to sunlight, water, or temperature .

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Parts of this story: Types offinishes ~~ Applying finishes to new wood ~~Recoating previously finished wood All too often, exterior finishes for wood are short lived in durability or failcompletely. Failure is usually the result of the wrong kind of finish being applied to .

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Exterior wood degrades quickly under extremes of strong sunlight and high moisture levels. To protect wood outdoors you can either nourish it with oils or envelop the surface in a water resistant varnish. Call or email for free wood finishing advice.

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The Finest Exterior Wood Finish Ever Produced Up to 800 SF of Coverage on Hardwoods Low VOC, All Natural Product Marine Grade Components Longest Lasting Finish Available Buy ExoShield Now ExoShield offers superior protection for exterior wood .

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For interior or exterior use as specified. Use as a finish or coat with varnish for extra durability. Apply to clean, bare wood for a true color. .

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Exterior Finish Applications Decks Log Homes Docks Siding Hardwood Pressure Treated Wood Composite Redwood Cedar Interior Finish Applications Doors and Windows Wood Preparation Applications Videos .

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Learn all about clear wood finishes from the experts at Minwax, including oil vs. water-based finishes, how to apply polyurethane, & clear finish application tips. Makes and Keeps Wood Beautiful .

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WATCO EXTERIOR WOOD FINISH Source: www.rustoleum Price: $14/qt. Application: Two coats, each applied liberally Results: The outdoor penetrating oil finish was the easiest to apply, but at the end of the yearlong test, all the samples, except for .

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by Eric Meier Whats the best type of wood finish to use for this wood Im always amused when I get asked this question, as if there is only one single right finish to use for a given wood species. The real answer would be, it depends It all depends on what .

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Finishing New Exterior Wood At one point, your new home was just a dream. Many hours were spent on research and planning. Even more time was devoted to the construction and building process. During the process an exterior finish for the logs or siding was .

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Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding, plus special offers. William C. Feist, a specialist in exterior wood finishing and weathering in Middleton, Wisconsin, replies: As youve found out, its difficult to maintain a natural finish on wood exposed to rain

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Wood is a very simple building material, yet due to its unique characteristics, it can be used for a variety of exterior building applications. Without protection, however, wood can deteriorate easily due to sun and moisture exposure. Applying a finish to the exterior .

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The appearance of wood can be modified with the application of an architectural coating. Architectural coatings are surface coverings such as paint and stain applied to a building or exterior structures such as a deck. Coatings are multi-functional, not only being .

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This long discussion starts with a question about maintaining the finish on a beautiful outdoor wood gate, and continues into a detailed examination of the difficult durability issues with exterior clear finishes. January 14, 2008

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Outdoor Finishes Simple to Super Durable by Brad Holden Outdoor finishes have one thing in common; they all require maintenance. Of course, paint is unequaled at protecting the wood from its two biggest enemies: moisture and ultraviolet (UV) light. Moisture .

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Exterior wood fnishes provide a durable coating for exterior wood, such as boat decks, wooden decks and outdoor furnitures and protect expensive hardwoods from the harsh environment. Search: Pool Painting Tips Marine Paint Deck Paint What Swimming .

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woodtech aquadur pu - exterior Give your outdoor furniture, a completely eco-friendly makeover with this water-based wood paint & wood finishes. It gives you extremely high durability for all your exterior furniture, at the same time, providing a rich finish. Pick from a .

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Choosing an Exterior Wood Finish There are a variety of exterior wood finishes with different characteristics and properties. To choose the best one, .

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Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane A protective clear finish that offers long-lasting protection for interior or exterior wood that is exposed to sunlight, water and . Minwax Pro Series Spar Urethane This professional, water-based, crystal clear protective finish is .

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About Exterior Wood Finish WATCO Exterior Wood is a unique penetrating oil that hardens in the wood, not on the wood. New, old, or pressure treated wood becomes water repellent, provides UV and mildew protection, and resists warping and .