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Lots of choices for both new and not-so-new houseboats .

Decadence Marine Flooring (DMF) is a new product consisting of a combination of PVC, resin, aerated rubber and a special ingredient specially formulated for the marine industry. It gets cut to exact dimensions, rolls out like carpet with a mesh-type surface, is non-slip, doesn't retain water so dries rapidly, buffers engine..

Standard Practice for the Selection and Application of Marine Deck .

Marine Deck Coverings which will be a guide to assist in product selection, . 59-MA-2b Deck Covering; Non-Slip, Magnesia Oxychloride Cement (Magnesite) ... Board. Additionally, it provides financing guarantees for the construction, reconstruction and reconditioning of ships and enters into capital construction fund

ThruFlow Decking

With a 360° non-slip surface, ThruFlow not only looks great, but is completely safe! Slide background . A grated design allows for maximum light penetration; protecting sensitive sea grasses & marine life. Total open area . The complete flooring system for Docks, Decks, Marinas, Gangways & Walkways. Easy to..

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The waterproof, non-slip, cool-to-the-touch surface and innovative, seamless design of AridDek interlocking aluminum deck boards makes it perfect for marine applications such as docks, boat decks and marinas. *Click any picture to view larger and 'Esc' to return to main screen

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Oceangrip and Hovie are teaming up to bring you the best Paddleboard and Raceboard on the Market. Hovie SUP is now adding Oceangrip Marine non-skid to every paddle board and Choosing the Best Nonskid Surface | Boating Magazine

Feb 25, 2013 . The Results Top 8 countdown of what's got grip and what might slip. Choosing the Best Nonskid Surface. Boat Carpet While we had expected boat carpet to offer better traction than most, it was actually the least grippy of any of the deck coverings. The good news is that water does not seem to degrade its..

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Why Plastic is Perfect for Marine Applications! Recycled Plastic Boards are the ideal solution to all marine projects as they are 100% waterproof, chip, crack and splinter proof and will never rot or naturally Bio-degrade and as our Recycled Plastic Decking Boards are Non Slip with grooves for added resistance all safety..