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Patio Cover Installation in Saint Louis, Ballwin, Saint Charles & Surrounding Areas. We offer solutions to keep your outdoor living space comfortable & dry. Roof over patio in Ballwin. A solid roof covering can provide shade and keep your patio or deck protected from the elements. Installing a patio cover is the best way to..

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Roofing. Re-roof: Removal of old roofing material. Sometimes this may be several layers of shingles. Inspect roof plywood for rot and delaminating . Install new roofing over surface. Re-deck: This process involves the removal of wood shingles or shakes and installing a layer of OSB ( plywood) over the deck surface of the..

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focus in this chapter will be on decks made from wood and metal. Solid decking must be used with non- structural style panels. Structural panels do not require a solid deck, but may be installed over one, if desired. Solid deck roof designs may or may not have rigid insulation included as part of the installation

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We show you the steps involved and calculations required for buildng a roof for your porch or constructing one over your deck or patio. We show you how both a typical . Make sure it is at least 3 inches below any windows allowing for the thickness of your roofing materials (at least 2 inches). On our building a porch roof..

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Feb 20, 2018 . Your deck roof will anchor to the outside wall of your house or to the roof of your house. To attach it to the wall, the simplest way is to install a ledger board. This is a sturdy board that acts as a support for any attachments to the existing wall. Then, you will flash aluminum or steel that's used over construction..

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Most outdoor areas and decks can be covered by a glass roof. . You can create a functional and beautiful glass roof over your deck with little expense by using old or recycled windows. By utilizing old or . After you have installed your vertical posts to complete your framework, you are ready to install the roof trusses

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Sep 23, 2017 . Care was taken not to over dig the holes; doing so will result in soft, refilled dirt to support the decking and it will inevitably sink. . Simply put a couple of posts in the corners of the deck farthest from the building,with a header between them, and add rafters up to the roof of the building or attached to a ledger..

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I have been trying to obtain a definitive answer to this question and have contacted several people, but none have provided me with an answer. Here is the situation: We have a building under construction that has steel roof trusses and has a structural metal deck ( 1-1/2" B type deck with ribs and grooves) installed over the..

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The main reason for wanting a roof is because of all of the bird droppings from the trees. I guess all of the trees will have to go. What problems might I face if we just built a trelace/arbor (is that the right terminology?) over the deck and bolted it to the house and to the 4x4 posts? Would that put too much.. Building a shed roof over a deck

Always try to match the house roof pitch angle and overhang for your shed roof. Some shed roofs are designed to be nearly flat. Flat roofs are more susceptible to leaking than pitched roofs. Shed roofs project as a single plane roof pitched away from the house. If you are tying the roof directly to a house wall you can install a..