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TECHNICAL. SPECIFICATIONS. 15 Australian Physical & Mechanical. Properties. 17 Architectural Specifier Composite. Decking. 22 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) . Compressive Strength. (Transcend . purchaser that Transcend decking or porch planks, or Enhance decking under normal residential use

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21 year-old CCA treated southern yellow pine decking boards. CCA retention (oxide ): 6 kg/m3. Wiley milled to Particles size of 2 to 8 mm to 1mm diameter in a restricted environment to monitor air quality for As, Cr and Cu. Cement to Wood particles ratios: 4, 3, 2, 1.5 and 1 by weight. Board size: 35 mm by 315 mm by..

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The high values of the compressive strength and specific compressive and tensile strengths perpendicular to the grain (width direction) shown by the . A life cycle assessment (LCA) of alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ)-treated lumber in comparison to wood plastic composite (WPC) decking shows that the latter has a..

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Wood-Plastic Composite Trim and Decking. RELATED SECTIONS. 06 20 00 Finish Carpentry. 06 50 00 . ASTM D198 Compressive Strength. ASTM D696 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion . Plastic and composite lumber and trim have become common replacement materials for exterior wood trim and deck applications

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The average compressive strength of the concrete may exceed 6000 psi, but a maximum strength of 6000 psi is to be used in calculating the strength of the composite deck-slab. 3. Admixtures containing chloride salts or other substances that are corrosive or otherwise deleterious to the steel deck and embedded items shall..

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composite formwork. To meet this charge, several manufactures introduced their version of steel deck. No design standards existed therefore individual . characteristics and develop a design standard for composite steel deck reinforced .. The compressive strength of the concrete for this slab was 4700 psi (32.5 MPa)

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Nail Withdal (c). Screw Withdal (c). Fungus Resistance (White & Brown Rot). Termite Resistance (d). Compression Parallel (e )(f). Compression Perpendicular (e )(g). Tensile Strength (e ). Shear Strength (e ). Modulus of Elasticity (e ). Thermal Conductivity. Width. Length. Typical Values for Long-Term Water

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Compressive strength or compression strength is the capacity of a material or structure to withstand loads tending to reduce size, as opposed to tensile strength, which withstands loads tending to elongate. In other words, compressive strength resists compression (being pushed together), whereas tensile strength resists..


Washington State University to investigate the use of wood-plastic composite (WPC) lumber as an alternative to the traditional . 5. to analyze the decking and the support system at the Newport Naval Undersea Weapons .. This test method covers the determination of compression parallel-to-extrusion strength of members..

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Jun 9, 2017 . The high values of the compressive strength and specific compressive and tensile strengths perpendicular to the grain (width direction) shown by the experimental thermoplastic composites compared to wood reveal their great potential for use in compressed elements and in functions where components..

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Distance from extreme compression fiber to composite neutral axis at ultimate strength. Moment coefficient - depends on whether the system is simply supported or continuous. D. Depth of slab (out-to-out depth from lowest point of steel deck to top of slab) d. Effective slab depth (distance from extreme concrete compression..

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Feb 9, 2018 . Redistribution of bending moment in each slab is presented and discussed. A finite element model is proposed and verified by experimental data using interface element to model the bond properties between steel decking and concrete slab and investigate the ultimate strength of continuous composite..

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An experiment was conducted using a fiber reinforced polymer composite material for the bridge deck of a low volume bridge. ... ASTM D 695. Five samples in the longitudinal fiber direction and five samples in the transverse fiber direction will be tested for their ultimate compressive strength and amount of compression

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can last longer, but hardwood is stronger. (Image: Image by, courtesy of Busy again) (Athena Flickr). is a wood-plastic composite material designed for use in non-structural areas such as railing and decking. Its physical characteristics like weight, density, shear strength and weathering resistance are..


for Wood-Plastic Composite Deck Boards and Guardrail Systems (Guards or. Handrails) . Properties of Wood-Plastic Composite Products, ASTM International . ASTM D198. 1588 psi. 540 psi. Compression Perpendicular ASTM D143. 1437 psi. 540 psi. Bending Strength. ASTM D198. 3280 psi. 500 psi. Shear Strength

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May 27, 2015 . There are four types of composite strength: specific, tensile, shear and compressive. Find out how these strengths show what composites . Imagine building a bridge deck or a ceiling without knowing how much stress it could take before collapsing? Tensile strength varies by material and is measured in..

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2.2 Composite Beam. 2.3 Pushout Specimens. 2.4 Testing Procedure and Instrumentation. TEST RESULTS. 3.1 Beam Test. 3.2 Pushout Tests. ANALYSIS OF TEST RESULTS . sections, QL-3-20 Ga decking and reinforced lightweight concrete slabs ... ultimate strength because of the presence of the compressive stress in

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However, the increase in design yield strength when calculating global flexural strength outweighs the reduction in section properties, so increasing design yield will . For slabs on composite steel deck, the SER can refer to the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) C-2011 Standard for Composite Steel Floor Deck-Slabs for design..

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composite decking is a wood thermoplastic composite lumber (WTCL) deck board and fascia, with an integrated shell that covers the boards on the top surface and sides. The underside of the boards and .. Compressive stress perpendicular to longitudinal direction (Fc)2. 540. Shear stress (Fv)2. 360. For SI: 1 psi..

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Abstract The present study investigates the effects of increasing the compressive strength of concrete deck on the deflection at midspan and slip at ends of steel-concrete composite beam. In the present study, four groups of steel concrete composite beam were tested to investigate the effects of variation of concrete..

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. webbed decks are compared with an existing aluminum deck and with a baseline balsa core system, which has previously been tested as part of the development of the composite army bridge for the US Army. The study shows that for one-way bending, the FRP webbed core can exceed the shear strength of the baseline..