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When designing and building timber decks where timber is less than 400 mm from or on the ground, considerations must . CONSTRUCTION. A number of methods are suitable depending on the design. For very low decks, bearer less construction could be used. i.e. joists . Likewise, timber bearers could be laid directly

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Mar 21, 2018 . Once you've removed everything, check that the area is level. Choose your decking surface. You can lay directly on the ground or add concrete pads for extra stability. If you lay directly on the ground, make sure to cover the area in weed control fabric and cover it with gravel. Build Your Ground Level Deck

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There aren't any posts, and if it's free standing meaning it's not attached to your house or any other structure you won't have to dig the footing holes that are required by building codes to prevent frost heave. Instead, you can build on inexpensive store-bought deck pier blocks that you set directly into the ground (check..

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Building the deck. Jake teamed up with Shannan at his place to build a low 2400 x 1500mm deck positioned in front of the water tank and adjacent to the paved area . This small decking platform is made using 90 x 90mm H3 treated pine for the posts, with the H3 rating meaning it can be concreted directly into the ground Ground Level Deck

If you are attaching the deck to your house you will need to install footings below the frost line to anchor the deck and prevent the deck from moving as a result of frost heave. Free standing decks may use floating pier blocks which allow the deck to move along with the ground. Some builders build ground level decks directly..

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Sure, you can do that. Rather than using a beam though, just use some of those pre-cast concrete pier blocks (like in this article). If you really want to use a beam instead (it might be cheaper) you'll want to make sure the treated wood you use is rated for ground contact. You might have a hard time finding..

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Some may be tempted to build a deck on concrete blocks placed on the ground or create other makeshift supports under a number of deck posts to hasten the process. But inadequate infrastructure means you'll be tearing the deck down and replacing it sooner than you would have to otherwise. A proven, deeply dug..

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Step 2. Dig 8-inch-diameter holes to the frost depth in your region at each center point. With the holes dug, mix enough concrete to fill the five holes -- one in each corner and one in the middle of the deck. Make the tops of the footings even with the ground at each hole (Project Diagram, Ding 2)

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The frost line is the depth to which the ground freezes in winter, taken over an average of a number of years. Some building codes require that when you build a deck, the support posts be sunk to a depth below the frost line. Even if it isn't required, sinking the support posts to this depth will keep the deck from buckling when..

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Beam-To-Pier Framing for Ground Level Decks. Low deck post & pier details (C) Daniel Friedman One of the simplest ways to create a strong, secure deck at ground level is to build a normal deck, but without posts. The beams can be attached directly to the concrete piers using post bases sized for the beams. For a low..