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Couple dancers should realize that line dancing is popular and sometimes the floor fills up (Cha Cha, Mambo Shuffle, Tush Push, etc.). When this happens it's best to wait for another song. A hardwood dance floor should be treated with care. Drinks, food, cigarettes, chewing gum or any other foreign substance should never..

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Because dancing is such a social and interpersonal activity, knowing how to interact with your dance partners will add to the enjoyment you gain from being on the dance floor. Here is a collection of some comments and suggestions on how we can make dancing more pleasant for us all. Personal Hygiene. 1. Body odor (#1..

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Apr 9, 2014 . A morning wedding followed by a brunch or lunch reception gives you the ability to provide a nice meal which is usually much cheaper than a full dinner. A very late evening wedding with the ceremony starting at 8 and followed by snacks, cake, drinking, and dancing late into the night. A dinner reception..

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West Coast Swing Dance Etiquette Page. Wan't to know some things to survive at a dance. Already a dancer but not sure what the correct manners are. Did bad dance etiquette turn you into a complainer. Read this

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At most venues (a Ballroom, Salsa club, West Coast Swing dance, etc) it may not be appropriate to dance more than 1 dance with your average dance partner per night. The fewer the dancers out at the venue, the more often you may find yourself dancing with the same people, that's normal, but typically we keep to 1 dance,..

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Following dance floor etiquette helps everyone to have fun. . And when your kids have colds and you go to a dance, please wash your hands upon your arrival and before dancing. . If you find yourself getting too sweaty on the dance floor you should stop, dry off and cool down before asking another partner to dance

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Dance Tips & Etiquette . This means while walking on & off the floor, and especially while you're dancing! Lead her off the dance floor, and return her to where . Like how long will it take, can you teach me to dance, will I ever learn, what's the best way, what's the cheapest way, why don't I just use videos. If you are serious..

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Nov 30, 2012 . This can happen even if you address wedding invitations using proper etiquette. . (Grandma was afraid to step foot on the dance floor, lest she get clocked in the head by a stray fist pump.) At another . Conversely, nothing is more awkward than being at a wedding where no one wants to get up and dance