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The exterior wall construction of most houses in the US and other countries is typically comprised of wood or metal framing, packed with insulation and finished with a variety of manufactured materials. However, ancient building methods utilized natural materials, such as st bale, cob and rammed earth, and they are..

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Cordwood The softer the wood, the better the insulation value and the less shrinkage or expansion. Insulation . INFOGRAPHIC: Build Your Green Dream Home With These Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Conventional Building Materials .. Imagine if we built houses out of this instead of wood, bricks, and especially metal

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May 25, 2011 . The construction industry today uses man-made materials like concrete, steel, brick, aluminum and fibreglass in nearly 95% of all new buildings. Organic materials such as wood, st, bamboo, cellulose insulation, natural paints and oils or waxes could be used instead to create low energy buildings that..

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Jul 13, 2016 . Using wood as a material in building construction can have significant environmental benefits. Manufacturing wood for construction is less energy intensive than other materials, including concrete, steel, cement or glass production with some percentage of recycled material. The finished product also has..

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May 12, 2014 . Wood is certainly one of the most versatile and common building materials. However, we have to remember that although wood can be called a sustainable material, the over-harvesting and deforestation can exceed the ability of the forests to regenerate themselves. Therefore, when we want to invest in a..

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In place of wood siding, which requires painting every couple of years to discourage rot, weigh the pros and cons of alternatives including vinyl, aluminum and cement-fiber siding. Vinyl is a cost-friendly choice but can warp over time. Aluminum will stand the test of time -- upwards of 50 years -- but it's susceptible to dents..

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environmental impact. Wood can help to achieve that balance. The choice to use wood as a green building material is intuitive. It's abundant, renewable ... for a minimum of two building design alternatives. Assessment must demonstrate at least a 5 percent improvement in at least two categories, including land use (or

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Mar 1, 2018 . Learn about the different materials used for exterior walls and get descriptions of the various options and important tips when installing wall finishes. . an example of OVE Wood framing . Cladding has become one of the most popular alternatives for renovating the exterior of existing buildings

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Whether for framing a new addition, building a deck or making a piece of furniture, wood is usually the go-to material. However, there are environmental costs and structural dbacks to many traditional wood products. Plenty of creative alternatives are available. Here is a sampling of wood alternatives, most with some..

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How Hemp Could Alter Material Selections in Architecture. Posted on February 08, 2018. Dazed and . Constructed? How Hemp Could Alter Material Selections in Architecture. By Blaine Brownell. Blaine Brownell explores uses of the plant-based alternative in concrete, textiles. More. Tags: Alternative Materials, Building..

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We use wood products for many different purposes: building materials, paper, cardboard, furniture, fuel, etc. How can we use wood products in a sustainable manner? You can do experiments that examine the growth time of different tree species to see which are good candidates for tree farming. Which types of lumber are..

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However, there are a variety of wood-substitutes, each with their own distinct properties and characteristics. Wood. Wood has been a standard building material for centuries. However, with the rise of global warming and deforestation, wood-alternatives are increasing in popularity and use. Thanks to modern technology, we..

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Durability of Wood Alternatives. Some consumers believe that wood is a non-durable building material while reinforced concrete and steel are durable. In fact, all building materials have limits in terms of durability. It is known that fungi are the major cause of wood deterioration when wood is exposed to constant wetting..

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Apr 1, 1993 . . lower-cost alternatives to conventional wood framing for residential construction. Alternative Framing Materials in Residential Construction: Three Case Studies compares the cost competitiveness of three of the most promising, commercially available building systems foam-core panels, light-gauge steel..

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Alternative natural materials are natural materials like rock or adobe that are not as commonly in use as materials such as wood or iron. Alternative natural materials have many practical uses in areas such as sustainable architecture and engineering. The main purpose of using such materials is to minimize the negative..

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Dec 16, 2016 . Stone and concrete facades are being stripped and replaced with even more of the tempered, transparent material. Timber City, an illuminating if not see-through exhibition at the National Building Museum, proposes an alternative. Tomorrow's buildings will or should be constructed of wood

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This is a list of building materials. Many types of building materials are used in the construction industry to create buildings and structures. These categories of materials and products are used by architects and construction project managers to specify the materials and methods used for building projects. Some building..