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Aug 24, 2017 . Derek Lander, Director Flight Plastics summarises what this means for our country: Flight is a 100-year-old, 100% NZ owned business. We are a long-established supplier of food packaging products which we manufacture for New Zealand, in New Zealand. PET is the most used plastic packaging material,..

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Naturally occuring plastic materials can be found in the forms of animal bones, horns, fossilised resin from pine trees (amber), sap from various tropical trees and wax from bees. Some of these . Each New Zealand consumes approximately 31 kg of plastic packaging per year and recycled 5.58kg (2002). Plastics can be..

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The value of the different materials collected represents the final component of value of recycling. In this section we outline the markets in New Zealand for the different products and provide estimates of the value. 5.1 Plastics. 5.1.1 Quantities. An estimated 35,442 tonnes of plastics were recovered in New Zealand in 2004 of..

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Jul 28, 2017 . A NZ$1.25 million grant has been awarded to support the upgrade and recommissioning of EnviroNZ's plastic extrusion plant in Christchurch by the New . New Zealand companies to recycle these bags in an environmentally safe way, and at the same time provide a primary source of material to another..

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Recycling is not a virtue, it's a business. Only a small proportion of the South Island's plastic gets recycled in New Zealand, because, says Schokking, Cook Strait is the most expensive stretch of water in the world. It's more cost-effective to put that material into the international market to achieve the best price. So a giant..

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Aug 16, 2017 . Flight Plastics chief executive Keith Smith with a handful of processed PET flakes and a fruit punnet made of recycled material. Director Derek Lander said the $12 million project was a huge leap forward for recycling in New Zealand. READ MORE: * New scheme addresses the issue of waste tyre stockpilesPlastic Container Recycling - What Waste is . -

Recycling plastic makes good environmental sense as most plastics originate from oil-based compounds that are not sustainable. It is increasingly important to use resources efficiently. Recovery of waste plastic for reuse into new products conserves non-renewable materials, uses less energy than that used to produce..

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Jul 14, 2016 . We decided to look at recycled plastic as an alternative material, and found a potential supplier in Melbourne. We did some research among existing customers, mostly councils in this case, and were encouraged. And so Metal Art became the New Zealand distributor for Replas recycled plastic products

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Physical Recycling This is a physical process where the used plastics are treated with heating and pressure to convert them into new plastic products (Most recycling in New Zealand is physical, because there is insufficient plastic material in New Zealand to justify the capital expense of setting up a chemical recycling plant)

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In a survey conducted by Horizon Research on behalf of The Packaging Forum in 2017, there was a 77% importance rating for buying packaging that is made from recycled materials. Because Flight RPET is sourced from New Zealand's post-consumer waste stream, it closes the loop for recycling of PET packaging in NZ

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Recycling symbols comprise recycled symbols and recyclable symbols. Recyclable plastic materials used in household containers are typically identified by a symbol on the bottom of the container. The symbols are numbered according to the material. This webpage lists recycling symbols and identifies the materials and..

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Zealand typically contains 70% recycled materials, a new building or road in New Zealand contains less than 1% . industry statistic in the roading industry has been that until recently recycled materials have been considered .. wastes as it often does (such as brick, wood, soil or plastic), the strength of the basecourse

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The two different types of pipe are separated at the recycling centres for processing. After sorting, the pipe is ground up and recycled into other pipe applications like drain flow coil pipe. In some cases recycled material is incorporated into new pipe by sandwiching recycled material between thin layers of virgin plastic

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(PMP) is part of an established global network which specify, supply, engineer and work to develop plastics used in applications. PMP, offer all forms of Thermoplastic specialty materials which includes, sheets, films, rods and shapes to clients in North America, South East Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. PMP has..

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New Zealand plastics companies work hard to follow this philosophy throughout the manufacturing process resulting in the amount of plastic waste produced through manufacturing at around 1% of the material used across the industry. The majority of plastics going to landfill are consumer-based products which aren't or..

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Aug 8, 2017 . Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand's first PET recycling plant has opened with the help of a government subsidy. Keith Smith, CEO of Flight Plastics Ltd. in Wellington, told Plastics News the parent company, Flight Group Ltd., spent NZ$12 million (US$8.8 million)on a full upgrade at its

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1 - We are developing 3D printing processes in NZ using locally recycled plastic bottles. 2 - We import engineering grade, recycled materials for sale to NZ 3D printing professionals. 3 - We promote the concept of Community Based Digital Manufacturing using local materials. 4 - We design, visualize and 3D print sustainable..

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Replas recycled plastic products first came to New Zealand around 2005, as local government users in particular increasingly turned their attention to waste minimisation. They recognised the stimulus that plastic recycling would receive if more practical and effective uses for the material existed at the local level. It has taken..

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How much plastic material is recycled in New Zealand? . Do we have any regulations or legislation controlling plastic in New Zealand? . In most New Zealand cities, councils have street-side collections for PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate - e.g. soft drinks bottles) and HDPE bottles (High Density Polyethylene - e.g. milk..

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Sullivan Packaging supports plastic recycling New Zealand by creating biodegradable products

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"Research showed that 87% of New Zealanders wanted their packaging to be recyclable and to contain, where possible, recycled materials. That's been our experience in the UK too where the majority of what we produce at our UK plant now uses recycled PET flakes. Being able to manufacture RPET plastic products here..