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Fence or Hedge. Note: For general repairs over $500, contact Building Inspection at (608) 266-4551. You don't need a building permit to put up a fence. But you do need to know . repair fences on a regular basis. Trim shrubbery to maintain height requirements and keep it off of sidewalks, streets, and neighbor's property

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Find out how to install fence posts and construct a privacy fence in your yard using pressure treated wood. . Set Posts: Pour dry concrete mix in the hole and wet it down, or mix up dry concrete mix and water in a wheelbarrow and pour the wet concrete in the hole. Check Posts for Plumb: Check each post again for plumb

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Rev 11.12. A building permit is not required for fences up to 72 inches in height and freestanding masonry walls up to 48 inches in height . Where and How High Can I Build My Fence? . Landscaping shall be required between the wall or fence and the sidewalk if said wall or fence is not located at the edge of a sidewalk

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A Building Permit is not required if your proposed fence is no taller than 3 feet at the front of the property, or taller than 6 feet on the side* or rear property lines. .. A 75% open fence would typically be something like a wrought iron gate where solid portion of the fence makes up 25% or less of the total area of the fence

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Recently, his owners sealed the gap, and once he could no longer scope out the sidewalk, he quit the bothersome activity. If you have a dog who already manifests fence-related behaviors, you can do some training that will help you get a handle on the problem. You have probably already discovered how difficult it can be..

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areas and are generaly located behind the back edge of the sidewalk. Call Public Works, 571-5569, for the distance from the flow line of the gutter to your property line. 2. Check the ding below for the heights of fences permitted. Note that in the building setback area (typically 15'), a fence up to 42" is permitted. On the..

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Jun 1, 2015 . Watch this video with Chelsea Lipford Wolfe to find out how to install a brick border under a wood fence to keep grass from growing under the fence. . Ever since I've been mowing around this fence I've wished for an easier way to navigate around the 4x4s on the back side. It's a lot of picking up the mower..

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How to Hide a Fence. So your neighbor just installed a fence between his home and yours. It runs straight across the yard from the back of your homes, to the sidewalk. It's one straight line, and as plain as a fence at the zoo. If you..

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5. Slide a 24-inch-long 2x4 under the fence on each side of the rotted post. 6. Pull the fence section away from the rotted post. 7. Remove the rotted fence post and dig out any wood left in the fence-post hole. Toss the soil and rotted wood onto a tarp for easy clean up. 8. Enlarge the existing fence-post hole with a post-hole..

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Rules in most regions require that the best sides face out (toward the neighbors), but our fence is designed to look good from both sides. . In this article, we'll show you how to build a fence gate, line up and set posts, build sturdy panels and construct elegant, no-sag gates that are wide enough for a lawn tractor to pass..

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Jun 20, 2007 . So my friend walked over to the man's yard to try to talk nicely with him about please not soaking the fence, but instead of listening to reason or talking things out, he brought up the old issue with the "bad" side of the fence facing his house.he's still holding a grudge for a fence that my friend had every right..

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Gotta hide the ugly aluminum fencing | See more ideas about Backyard ideas, Decks and Gardening. . See more. Easy way to hide an ugly fence and color up your yard. . To hide an ugly chain link fence, this gardener bought a standard wood lattice, artfully cut out portions to create a pattern, then stained the whole thing

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Always plant from back to front to avoid having to walk over plantings. Space plants tightly, nearly root ball to root ball. This is usually an unorthodox approach, but annuals don't live long enough for their growth to be a concern. Tight spacing also allows for one plant to die without leaving a noticeable gap. Offset the rows of..

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How to cover existing chain link with cedar panels for privacy - no damage to existing fence. Awesome . Love this wood fencing turned on its side. .. Our Privacy Fence Solution - Cedar Panel DIY - Smile And Wave (They're Renters, live next to an alley, and their little ones run outside to play not fully clothed sometimes

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Aug 8, 2013 . Playing at home is super handy if you have a DINOS and need a break from walking your dog or you need to exercise them prior to a walk. As you probably .. You can put up a secondary, internal fence on just one side of your yard wherever the problems are occurring or all four sides. Most people I..

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This is a great front garden idea showing how you can pack in color and texture in just a little space; with only about a foot between the fence and the sidewalk, this garden is filled with tall, narrow .. Here's a tip: Vines like this ivy -- or trailing plants such as many varieties of campanula -- will help cover up walls as well

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you figure out the setback requirements for your project or use the setback chart to determine the required setbacks if you know your zone . Fences up to 8 feet tall . be a part of the fence when measuring overall height. Some require engineering and permits. A fence taller than 7' requires a building permit. Street. Sidewalk

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Sep 17, 2014 . Steps for staining your fence. . This is primarily a concern for walking surfaces because homeowners typically want smooth deck boards with little chance of picking up a splinter . For smaller surfaces that need a touch-friendly surface, such as chairs, swings and benches, sanding is the best way to go

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They have this trumpet vine the has grown under their fence (underground) and we have to keep going out and pulling up the feelers that have grown .. BUT after a good rain, all the weakened earthworms depart his lawn and drown on the concrete sidewalk, since he has put SOOO many chemicals on his..

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Fence, land- scaping and hedge regulations may be found on the City web site. (www.beavertonoregon.gov) or may be obtained at the Planning Counter. . sidewalk street. Can I put up an electric fence? An electric fence or other electrified wire or material is not allowed along a sidewalk or public way or along adjoining..