grooved composite deck makes a howling noise

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Dec 19, 2015 . deck installed by my neighbor, uses the "hidden fasteners" boards, which will "howl" under windy conditions. This video is from a lower wind day, where only one board is making noise. Depending on the wind strength, two or three more can create a very dissonant chord (at the 90+ decibel range,..

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Nov 24, 2016 . In frequent high winds on the coast our new decking makes harmonic howling noise. It disturbs us and I fear others We are experimenting by covering parts most effected with weights. Nothing works. Any advice? I've read others have a similar problem but I haven't read if anyone has solved their ..

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Aug 26, 2013 . I was recently emailed by Matthew W. Shepherd about a recording he made of wind whistling through railings. Unfortunately, Matthew didn't have the best recording equipment available, but you can still hear the tones above the general rustling wind noise. So how is the sound made?Howling Buildings: Find & Cure Howling Noises at or Around .

We just had our deck rebuilt, changing the warped wood for grooved composite boards held together by hidden fasteners. The new deck makes a howling sound when the wind blows. We ruled out the deck balusters and railing, so we know it is something to do with the decking. Our builder is as stumped as are we

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I have asked continually to be shipped pre-grooved decking boards. . How do I know I can trust these reviews about Composite Decking? ... If/when you are declined when you submit your claim, make sure you inquire as to the reason and ask to see the report they based their decision on- in our case we were..

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Hideaway Hidden Fastening System is designed specifically for grooved deck boards. The Hideaway . for . These clips offer the same quick and easy installation resulting in a fastener-free deck surface, however these clips are made of stainless steel offering superior durability. These clips are designed..

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Oct 19, 2016 . My wife and I recently built our dream home including a 575 square foot deck using Transcend with hidden fasteners. Shortly after . Shortly after moving in, we noticed an odd howling noise. After trial and . I have a similar sized deck and it makes the same noise, only louder if the wind is high,. Putting..