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Jun 12, 2015 . According to the results of the Green Building Market Report Southeast Asia 2014, green building practices are being adopted by increasing numbers of..

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Dec 16, 2013 . By encouraging the adoption of innovative architectural design and energy-saving technologies, Singapore has emerged as a model of green building in Asia an important development in a region that is urbanizing more rapidly than any other in the world

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The world is now embracing green buildings as they provide significant benefits for the environment, the economy and our quality of life. From architectural design services to energy-efficient materials, building performance to renewable energy systems and more, step into the world of eco-friendly construction and other..

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Sep 5, 2017 . Green buildings look like nice places to live and work in. They may also hold the key to Singapore's fight against climate change as the Garden City continues to grow, says one design expert. Asia Square Food Garden Asia Square is one of the most eco-friendly buildings in Singapore. (Photo: designphase..

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Jan 20, 2017 . As cities boom and countries increasingly align themselves with the global sustainability agenda, new developments that come with eco-friendly, culturally-aware credentials are no longer a rarity but today's reality. While environmental, cost, and population concerns have driven green construction, the..

An Analysis of Green Building Rating Systems in Asia

Aug 24, 2016 . This article takes a look at some of the green building rating systems used in Asia and how they are helping to drive the growth of the industry in the region. . The first commercial building to achieve a Platinum BI rating is a showcase of how eco-friendly building design elements can be incorporated into..

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Mar 1, 2017 . Ateneo de Davao University is building a new campus for its senior high school that is being touted as the first environmentally responsible school in the Philippines. The campus has been designed to create a contemporary, sustainable and transformative learning environment following Pope Francis'..

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air pollution, governments and businesses are pioneering new energy-efficient and eco-friendly facilities, habitats and practices in the form of urban renewal . The growth of green cities and buildings in Asia offers Canada the opportunity to participate in development projects in that region. Currently three Ontario-based.. - Bringing green building materials into campuses

Jun 27, 2017 . HBRI, a research institution under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Government of Bangladesh and a partner to the SWITCH-Asia project, has been leading the project's research initiatives to develop environment-friendly building materials as viable alternatives to traditional fire-bricks. Alongside..

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The issue of sustainable design and utilization of Environmentally Responsive materials and technologies is currently one of the central and most significant subjects, in the field of Architecture and Urban planning around the world. Asia as the fastest emerging region in terms of economic growth and urban development,..

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By being clean and green, our aim has been to show that our country is well-run, says Mr. Khoo Teng Chye, executive director at the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC)a body created by the government to share knowledge with policy makers from other countries about how best to build environmentally friendly cities

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Buying a new green home: is it worth it? By Editor on 15/04/2016. Nowadays, modern construction methods coupled with the emerging demand for sustainable building material have encouraged developers to be more eco-friendly than ever. Construction for sustainable residential. Millennium_Residence_Tower-A-B-C-D..

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This paper reviews the recent development in green materials employed for eco-friendly construction in the context of developing countries, where climatic change and li.. . Harnessing Green Engineering for Eco-Friendly Housing and Utilities in South-Asian Countries. Zaki Ahmad, Robina Farooq, Kanwal Rasheed, Asad..

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Jun 2, 2007 . The green building movement in Asia may be lagging behind the U.S. and Europe, but it is slowly gaining momentum. Today's . Designed by Australia-based firm Woods Bagot, the building (set to be completed in 2010) will be the first eco-friendly high-rise and tallest building to be built in Thailand. Energy..

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May 18, 2016 . Housing Solutions in Asia Pacific . Eco-friendly buildings are slowly but surely increasing in Thailand. Here's what you need to know. 890px. Bangkok . For more information on how green buildings in Asia are taking off, join the discussion on or subscribe to Newsdesk of Panasonic Asia Pacific

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Apr 1, 2016 . These smart solutions are increasingly sought after as governments and companies across the world look for ways to green their buildings. Broadly, green buildings refer to those that are constructed from eco-friendly materials with optimised energy and water efficiency, and which provide green spaces..

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Feb 7, 2018 . Singapore is recognized as the most eco-friendly Asian nation. . Of all the countries on the Asian content, Singapore tops the list in terms of eco-friendliness. . The Green Mark evaluation system largely focuses on cutting down water and energy usage within both commercial and residential buildings

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Feb 7, 2017 . After a never-ending series of record-breaking glass bridgesand even a glass bathroomconstruction has begun on Asia's first vertical forest in Nanjing. . The architecture firm, Stefano Boeri, has designed several other eco-friendly and green projects around the world, including a mountain forest hotel..

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2A Magazine have established the non profit organization of "Center for promotion of Sustainable & Environment- Responsive Buildings in Asia" which focuses on investigation of various architectural methods in sustainable parameters such as energy, nature, environment, green communities, culture, social engagement..

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Aug 16, 2016 . Take a look at these 5 eco-friendly buildings in Singapore making the garden city greener than ever