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Metal roofs for mobile homes can be dangerous in Florida's extreme weather conditions in addition to the risk of rust. A great metal roof alternative is membrane roofing by All Florida

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How to Install Metal Roof on a Mobile Home Installing a metal roof on a mobile home can be a do-it-yourself project saving you a lot of money. . Find this Pin and more on Mobile Home Remodel. awesome New Metal Mobile Home Roof Over. Find this . More Before / After., Home exterior updated ., Home Exteriors Design

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Mobile Home Repair : An Inexpensive Metal Roof You Can Install Yourself [Mark Bower] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Am I for real, you say? Me, install a metal roof? You gotta be kidding! Nope, I'm not kidding. If you've got an older manufactured home that has an old metal roof

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Feb 2, 2007 . strengthen older manufactured homes enough to allow occupants to safely remain in their homes during tornadoes or hurricanes. . The roof of this older manufactured home was blown off by high .. To increase the wind resistance of the roof, additional fasteners can be installed to better fasten the metal

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Had a tree fall on my mobile home and puncture the roof in several spots. Some rips, tears, cracks, and literal holes. Weight is my first concern

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Style of Your Home. The color of metal that you choose for your roof needs to match the overall style of your home. Choose a color based on all the elements of your home's exterior design, such as the color of the siding, doors, windows, landscape, etc. Remember that a metal roof will keep its original color for years, so you..

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Jun 1, 2014 . This is part 1 stay tuned for part 2 of this video. The last video I made left out how to install strips insulation and underlaym..

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Modern Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas - Many people are buying Vintage Mobile Homes to remodel them. They're also building/buying smaller homes. This in response to the Recession. It's also a greener, more authentic way to live on this Earth. It's what's best for future generations. Join In the 'Modern Simplicity..

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I am considering puting a metal roof on an 18 year old, single wide 16x82 Lancer mobile home. The roof which is currently shingled and is starting to curl up in the center, doesn't have much of a slope. It has a very high ceiling-(10 feet at least) and no extra support beams plus very few actual rooms-it is a very open style

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The main benefit to this style of roof over is the appearance, as the shingles can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your property. Installing shingles is typically more costly than a TPO or metal roof but can improve the value of your home helping you recoup the total costs. Read More. Like A-Frames? You Have to See..

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Metal roofing works for mobile homes too! A mobile home roof over includes 2 insulation under the roof, improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Strong durable aluminum roof panels protect your mobile home year round. Other benefits include: Available in 24 colors Save up to 40% on air conditioning..

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Mobile Home. Farmhouse Style Home with Metal Roofing. Farmhouse. Apartment Building with Metal Roofing. Apartment. Commercial Building with Metal Roofing. Commercial. NOW VIEWING: GulfPBR panels in Pre-Weathered on a Modern Victorian style home with Off White painted exterior walls and Pine painted trim

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Mobile Home Metal Roof Replacement Install DIY. Mobile Home Metal Roof Options. By Mark Bower. Am I for real, you say? Me, install a metal roof? You gotta be kidding! Nope, I'm not kidding. If you've got an older manufactured home that has an old metal roof, it's probably been sealed and resealed and then sealed a..

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Jun 7, 2017 . Mobile homes have a different type of roof structure. . These are very popular roofing replacement and repair options for RVs but larger mobile homes will likely need to be seamed together. . If sealing and rubber is something you don't want to be involved with, a metal roof is the best option for you

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The benefits of installing a metal roof on your new manufactured home from Affordable Homes of Crestview are numerous. If you add in the . Metal roofing for manufactured homes is available in a wide array of designs, finishes, and colors, making it ideal for the most discriminating homeowner. Whether you desire a..

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Jun 23, 2017 . Protect Your Mobile Home From Water Leaks, Keep It Better Insulated And Improve The Overall Value Of Your Home With A Mobile Home Roof Over. . When you install a metal roof over, or turn your flat roof into a pitched roof, a great benefit is that it also adds a layer of insulation for your mobile home

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Jun 14, 2012 . I have a 1995 Silhouette 28x80 (76 actual) mobile home. The roof is shingled and extends 1 foot beyond the walls of the home. The roof needs redoing. There is damage in a number of places so the shingle will have to go and the damage repaired. I have a estimate using 30 lb felt, repairing the damage..

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Mar 10, 2009 . This is a pretty broad topic I believe and I am really only looking for some guidance on where to start looking or possibly some plans to examine. I would like to build a peaked roof over top of the metal roof on our mobile home ( 52x14 I think ). The current metal roof is one of those rounded ones

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Jul 16, 2013 . Homeowners seem to forget that it does sometimes rain, but never consider preparing for such an unusual event as rain, which results in home roof and . for the company approached one day and advised that he was putting a crew together of factory employees and had plans to become a mobile home..

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New Mobile Home Roof Over ~ Great pin! For Oahu architectural design visit

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Apr 19, 2016 . This type of roofing is much less sustainable to damage than the flat roofing that comes with most mobile homes. It is also rather affordable, costing from $650 to $2,175 for a single-wide or $1,290-$4,250 for a double-wide unit. Just like with metal roofing, shingle roofing can be placed right on top of the old..

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A family discovers that putting a new mobile home roof and insulation in place pays off in more ways that one, including how they placed the roof and a cross . Not only was the racket of the raindrops rebounding off the metal roof annoying, but the dwelling's lack of overhangs at its edges made it nearly impossible to keep..