aluminium rice husk ash composite deck

Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminium-Rice Husk Ash .

Abstract. Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) constitute an important category of design and weight- efficient materials. This article highlights on the work where an attempt is taken to fabricate aluminium matrix composite reinforced with rice husk ash (RHA) particles, an agricultural byproduct with high amount of silica

Fabrication and Performance Test of Aluminium Alloy-Rice Husk .

Dec 10, 2017 . mechanical properties. In this present study, aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) such as aluminium alloy (A356) reinforced with rice husk ash particles (RHA) are made to explore the possibilities of reinforcing aluminium alloy. The stir casting method was applied to produce aluminium alloy (A356)..

Aluminium alloy-rice husk ash composites production and analysis

Abstract. This study was carried out to produce and analyse the properties of. Aluminium Alloy-Rice Husk Ash composites. Rice husk ash (RHA) with high silica content of up to 97.095% was used for the study with the RHA varied from 0vol% 30vol% at intervals of 5vol% in the aluminium alloy as reinforcement. The density..

Effect of Particle Size on Tribological Behavior of Rice Husk Ash .

Rice husk ash of three different particle size ranges (5075, 75100 and 100150 m) a 3, 6, 9, and 12% by weight is reinforced with an aluminum alloy (AlSi10Mg) using the liquid metallurgy method. The dry sliding wear behavior of the composites in the cast conditions is examined using the pin-on-disc tribotesting..

Dry sliding wear and friction behavior of aluminumrice husk ash .

Three parameters namely applied load (20, 30, and 40 N), sliding speed (2, 3, and 4 m s1) and rice husk ash reinforcement (6, 9, and 12%wt.) have been varied to find their effect over the wear and friction behavior of the composites. The analysis of variance and regression equations were also employed to find their..