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Using equipment customized to suit several applications, the AK Services team provides hydro coating and membrane removal as a versatile solution for use on all .. Overview:AK Services performed hand-held and robotic waterproof membrane coating removal on the traffic approach ramps, and partial-depth concrete..

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Waterseal can provide a range of solutions to provide protection to your bridge deck structures. The waterproofing of bridge decks is widely recognised as a vital and necessary operation to provide a defense barrier against these contaminants which include, water, road de-icing salts and aggressive chemicals which would..

Asphalt Paving of Treated Timber Bridge Decks - Forest Service

Bridge Decks. The Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), has developed this information for the guidance of its employees, its contractors, and its cooperating Federal and State .. provide tools for engineers who design asphalt pavements. . The melted paving membrane provides a waterproof

Methods for Removing Concrete Decks from Bridge Girders - ROSA P

Final Report. WBS: 25 1121 0003 134. Methods for Removing Concrete Decks from. Bridge Girders. Brent Phares, Ph.D. Director, Bridge Engineering Center. Iowa State University. Jennifer Shane .. A pneumatic breaker, also known as a jackhammer or a paving breaker, is a common tool used for bridge concrete removal..

Transport and Main Roads Specifications MRTS84A Removal of .

Asphalt coring and / or asphalt cutting investigation methods may be used to determine the exact thickness of the existing DWS. Asphalt coring shall be in accordance with Test Method Q302A. Coring or cutting of asphalt methods shall not damage the bridge deck. The Contractor shall use a sufficient number of drilled holes..

section 07150 polymeric sheet waterproofing - Caltrain

Sep 30, 2011 . Section includes specifications for polymeric waterproofing membrane on bridge decks, as well as for ballast mat over membrane on bridge decks. 1.02 REFERENCE STANDARDS. A. .. Remove grease, oil, form release agents, paints, and other penetrating contaminants from surface. E. Remove fins..

MEL-DEK Bridge Installation Guidelines - W. R. Meadows

The following will describe the recommended procedure to use when installing MEL-DEK bridge deck membrane from W. R. MEADOWS. The guide will cover recommended tools to use, deck preparation before membrane installation, the membrane installation, and the procedures to follow when placing the asphalt..


This Guideline relates to Liquid Applied Bridge Deck Waterproofing Kits for use exclusively on concrete bridge decks. .. material used as a component of the liquid applied bridge deck waterproofing kit. This layer .. A release agent, to avoid adhesion to the support and to allow subsequent removal of the sample, shall be

CHASE Specialty Coatings - nysdot

The following is the proper procedure to use when installing Royston bridge deck membranes. . Recommended Tools for Installation: 1 . . DECK TYPES. CHASE Specialty Coatings. NYSDOT Materials Details OR 0019106. Royston 10-A Waterproofing Membrane. Royston membranes can be placed over many types of..

712 - Bridge Rehabilitation, Concrete - MDOT Wiki

Dec 8, 2015 . 3.1.1 Saw Cutting; 3.1.2 Hand Chipping; 3.1.3 Patch Preperation; 3.1.4 SSPC-SP3 Power Tool Cleaning; 3.1.5 Placing, Finishing, Curing Concrete; 3.1.6 . Rehabilitation of bridge concrete includes deck removal, deck patching, post-installed adhesive and mechanical anchors, mechanical reinforcement..

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A variety of devices have been incorporated in the design of bridge deck expansion joints. .. Maintenance requirements include periodically removing . preventative maintenance for deck joints is keeping the seal securely in place and waterproof. This starts when the joint seal is installed. Too often, seals are installed

state of ohio department of transportation supplemental specification .

Apr 15, 2005 . equipment to repair and overlay concrete bridge decks in accordance with these specifications and in reasonably close conformity ... course to the original concrete deck and any waterproofing material that was part of the deck. Removal shall comply with the requirements of CMS 202. 847.17 Removal of..

Watford Bridge Waterproofing and Expansion Joint Replacement .

Jul 10, 2016 . Waterproofing and Expansion Joint Replacement. Part 1 GENERAL. Scope of Work .1. The Works consists of: .1. Coordination of works with Works and Engineering crews, .2. Excavation and removal of the existing waterproofing membrane and associated repairs to the concrete bridge deck, .3. Removal of..

evaluating the impact of deck removal method on the performance of .

connectors and re-decking. Test results indicated adequate performance of the new composite section even when partial deck removal around shear connectors is applied. Another investigation was conducted to evaluate the effect of top flange width on the performance of bridge I-girders. Top flange was assumed to be..

item #0202479a - removal of hma wearing surface -

ITEM #0406277A - REMOVAL OF EXISTING WEARING SURFACE. Description: Work under this item shall consist of the complete removal and disposal of the existing bituminous concrete wearing surface, membrane waterproofing and bond breaker covering the reinforced concrete bridge deck as shown on the plans,..

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Preservation. Guide. Bridge. Maintaining a State of Good Repair Using. Cost Effective Investment Strategies . utility, and integrity of its information. FHWA .. t Sealing Deck Joints t Facilitating Drainage t Sealing Concrete t Painting Steel t Removing Channel Debris t Protecting Against Scour t Lubricating Bearings

Methods for removing concrete decks from steel girder bridges

Dang, Hongtao, "Methods for removing concrete decks from steel girder bridges" (2014). Graduate Theses and .. A SUSTAINABILITY SCORECARD FOR BRIDGE DECK REMOVAL .. 70. Introduction . .. percussive tools, splitting, crushers, water jet cutting, ball and crane, and blasting are methods used to completely..

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The objective of this synthesis is to update NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practice 220: Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks on the same topic . Bridge Decks and Tunnel Linings web page features everything from PowerPoint presentations and research reports to a tool selection matrix and fact sheets

Evaluating the Impact of Bridge Deck Removal Method on the .

around shear connectors and re-decking. Test results indicated adequate performance of the new composite section even when partial deck removal around shear connectors is applied. Another investigation was conducted to evaluate the effect of top flange width on the performance of bridge I-girders. Top flange was..

Deck Slab Repair

DECK SLAB REPAIR. Effective: May 15, 1995. Revised: October 15, 2011. This work shall consist of hot-mix asphalt surface removal, when required, the removal and disposal of all loose and deteriorated concrete from bridge deck and the replacement with new concrete to the original top of deck. The work shall be done..