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Nov 10, 2013 . This custom yacht will have three showers and all will feature light weight marble panels, custom frameless glass surrounds and of course linear shower drains from ACO. Email .. Keep wires under wraps for a neater-looking home office or media center, with wall panels you make to your exact taste

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Marine Panels. For more than 30 years, PSI's Marine Wall Panels with a Fipro core have grown to be the industry standard in marine architecture and decorating. . The vermiculite then expands to a lightweight aggregate through the process, which is then blended with inorganic binders and pressed to form boards. Free of..

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Hi, I'm looking for a lightweight material for a professional boat interior. I need black (from surface), . a professional boat interior. I need black (from surface), durable and light weight material for boat interior wall panels. . The latter would be better for paneling, the former for joining edges. It is flexable and..

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Lightweight elements for marine applications; Wall linings; Ceiling elements; Raised floors; Ship furniture and special constructions; Our customers. Metawell lightweight panels . Therefore Metawell lightweight components are often used e.g. on cruise ships, ferries, luxury yachts and mega yachts. Compared with solid..