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Floor Repairs. Q: In shopping for an Airstream, why do so many people say check that the floor is sound throughout? A: Since an Airstream is mostly aluminum, the . Cut new floor sections from same thickness flooring (5/8) plywood, and fit them in place, fastening with cleats on the bottom-side at the in-between frame cut..

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May 12, 2017 . And we learned first-hand how toxic vinyl flooring can be. We first settled on a 2mm vinyl flooring from Lumber Liquidators. It was a beautiful distressed plank wood style. We loaded it up in our car and headed for home. Almost immediately we were overtaken with an overpowering chemical smell. Both of us..

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Dec 12, 2011 . We are currently (12/2011) in Colorado and soon on our way to Texas and then to SW Florida with our trailer. We will be . Typically new Airstream buyers don't know how to look for bad axles, bad brakes, and rotten sub-floor issues. ALL of these . the sub-floor. Also water treated plywood that I installed

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Unfortunately, the Jayco that Doug went home with had a major problem. It was only after getting ready for his second trip with the trailer that he noticed a spot on the vinyl flooring. After peeling back the vinyl to investigate further, he didn't like what he saw: the plywood floor was shot, though there wasn't any evidence of..

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Trailer Floor Repair Screws. . That makes them ideal in travel trailers when you are replacing a section of the plywood floor or drilling into box channel chassis framing. Elevator bolts are even better, . On Airstreams, do not use these to attach the aluminum wall U channel to the ends of the chassis outriggers. You must use..

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Feb 26, 2013 . So how to make sure we cut our expensive marine-grade plywood sub-floor into the exact shape we need it? . Then, using a designated "tick-stick" that was uniquely angled at both ends, we went around the c-channel of the trailer, pointing one end of the stick where the floor would meet the wall, and..

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Feb 21, 2018 . AIRSTREAM RENOVATION: Plywood for the Subfloor Today we're picking up plywood for the subfloor. Our Airstream Argosy renovation is coming along well, but its..

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May 26, 2015 . Airstream walls are built with lightweight aluminum frames. In Airstreams, the aluminum C-channels at the base of the walls connect the walls to the floor, much like a traditional home. The steel chassis, plywood subfloor, and the body all work together to provide overall strength. When one of these three..

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Someone's idea of a fix was to screw and glue on extra plywood over the damaged areas. The entire trailer had two layers of tile. I noted as the floor was finally removed exposing the frame that two crossmembers needed replacement. That completed, on to lay a new sub-floor. I prefer using marine-grade plywood. removing..

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automatic switch-over regulator for the butane tanks, marine type toilet with spray . on all smgle axles; 6 ply on tandem axles and . In all Airstreams. 22' and longer. under floor heater duct to rear With 12V·110V blower and thermostat. 5.5 ClI. ft. butane refrigerator (except in 16'. Bambi with 2 cu. ft. butane refrigerator and..

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Mar 22, 2011 . The new floor is 3/4 AC plywood that will be coated on all sides with a good floor paint. There will be many more elevator bolts . The entire frame was cleaned with a wire wheel and then cleaned using the marine cleaner from POR-15 in preparation for the POR-15. The frame looks almost new after all of..

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Airstreams are built to last, but the older ones sure weren't built with maintenance or replacement in mind. I learned the hard way that the floors are not made of treated plywood, hence if there is a leak in the camper, the bath, or kitchen fixtures, the floor will rot. My 1971 Airstream had a rear bath. I looked in to the back hatch..

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Before the plywood is finally laid on the frame, we hit every surface with calk that provides a seal and adhesive. Since the plywood was . There's still plenty of hard design decisions to be made above deck, but the path is set for everything happening below the Airstream's marine grade plywood flooring. While they were..

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Dec 24, 2007 . I'm getting ready to replace a semi-rotted bath floor and am wondering if there are any non-rotting (non-wood?) alternatives available. some sort of plastic, structurally strong composite, like they're using for deck material, maybe? I'll use treated plywood otherwise, I suppose. thanks..

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Airstream is built to the same precise construction standards. Chassis, running gear, body design and basic equipment are uniform on all Air- streams, regardless of model or series. All. Airstreams have 12-V electric brakes on every wheel. All are completely self-contained . they have equipment necessary for extended..

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Mar 25, 2016 . Roofingfelt was used to cover the aluminum heating vent because the treated plywood used for the floor replacement will corrode aluminum over a period of time. The Styrofoam insulation was replaced by ordinary thick fiberglass insulation. Any rusted spots on the floor was treated with a good quality paint..

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Nov 8, 2010 . But replacing a trailer's sub floor (all or part) can be a challenge. Seems like there are as many ways to go about it as there are people willing to tackle the job. Marine grade plywood is worth the extra expense. Sam has already cleared out the trailer and has a clean slate. He'll use 3/4 marine grade..

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Jun 11, 2015 . Airstream Flooring a Solid Foundation. airstream-floor1. airstream-floor2. All new Airstream trailers features a 5/8 tongue-and-groove exposure 1 grade plywood flooring with WPB ratings. Exposure 1 Flooring Exposure 1 Flooring is suitable for uses that are not permanently exposed to the weather but,..

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Jan 7, 2013 . It seemed that once I started with the unscrewing of hardware, there was no end to it. . for a day. I carefully cleaned, sanded, and painted primer on the walls, ceiling, and overhead storage while carefully avoiding the floor, light fixtures, and lower bunks. . Instead of rotted oxboard, it was treated plywood!Step-By-Step On-Frame Airstream Floor Removal - Pinterest

The next step was removing the plywood flooring and scraping the rust off the existing beams. We needed to protect the beams by spraying them ... Our journey from selling it all and buying a wheel RV to starting over again with a vintage Airstream. . Using foam as a backer board over marine mdf. How to tile an airstream..

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I have tried Git-Rot, following their instructions, drilling holes etc. and it didn't seem to penetrate very far into the half inch marine plywood floor. . My strategy is to epoxy this area first with two coats of your CPES as suggested in other Questions & Answers responses, and then fill the voids with your Lay-up & Laminating..