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A few years ago, marketing executive and green thumb David Jensen of Clare, Michigan, moved outside the city limits so he could grow a bigger, better gardenonly to watch it get devoured by deer that seemed to fear nothing. "You could go out and clap at them, and they would just look at you," says Jensen today. He was..

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Apr 28, 2015 . Fencing Short, open picket-style fences with chicken wire strung around the bottom two feet are excellent for keeping out the bunny rabbits, and they let good sunlight through to . Combination Sometimes combining multiple fence ideas is what's needed to keep your vegetables protected from critters

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Aug 17, 2017 . You may be able to forgo fencing off your entire garden or orchard by erecting barriers around only those beds or crops most vulnerable to animal pests. .. If you're trying to keep gophers out, dig the trench 2 feet deep and 6 inches wide, line it with 1/4-inch mesh hardware cloth, and/or fill it with coarse..

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Jul 24, 2017 . A good way to keep animals out of your vegetable garden is to build a fence. . Keep some of these basic facts about garden fences in mind when considering one for your garden: . Most raised garden designs are simple to follow and build, allowing you to create a pest resistant home for your plants

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Jun 1, 2016 . The type of net or fence you install around your garden will differ based on the animals that you are trying to deter, but either way, having a protective barrier can help keep unwanted critters out. Should your climate allow you to keep a garden all year long, you might want to consider a permanent fence that..

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Most gardeners eventually have heated encounters with unwanted wild animals. The best and kindest solution is to keep them out with the right kind of barrier. A good farm dog can be a huge help, and repellents and scare devices work sometimes for some animals, but you can't beat well-chosen garden fences for reliable..

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Jun 11, 2014 . Deer are excellent jumpers, so you will need a fence at least seven feet high to stop them from entering your garden. A two-foot fence should keep out rabbits. Keep in mind that all fences should be dug at least 12 inches underground to deter diggers such as groundhogs and moles. Are there other ideas..

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Jul 23, 2012 . Animals are cuteuntil they're in your garden! How to keep animals out of the garden is an age-old question, and William Moss, Master Gardener with the Natio..

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The best fence to use around your garden depends upon which animal you want to exclude. Fence height, mesh size and depth to bury the bottom all depend upon the species you're battling with. One thing all animals have in common, however, is that they are going to try harder to get under, over or through a fence if they..

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The Low Pest Fence prevents pesky rabbits, woodchucks and other small animalsincluding petsfrom raiding and romping in your garden. Fencing is the only sure-fire way to keep wild and domestic animals out of a prized garden. Although it can be expensive to keep out large animals, such as deer, it may be the only..

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Jun 11, 2012 . Since I have a fence, the deer, raccoons, and other large animals usually head to my neighbor's house for easier pickings. There are many ways to keep small animals out of your garden without harming them. I might not want the chipmunks to eat my garden plants, but I don't necessarily want to hurt them..

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This excerpt from Chapter 2, Barriers: Effective Designs that Deter Invasion, discusses how to keep animals out of your garden with different types of wildlife fencing. No garden can be devoid of living creatures, but for many gardeners, some creatures, such as deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other people's dogs and cats, eat..

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Fenced GardenGarden FencingVegetable Garden FencesHerbs GardenBackyard Vegetable GardensGarden TrellisFence IdeasGarden IdeasChicken Runs. Great fenced garden, but youd have to use chicken wire to keep the squirrels out. And I love the lights strung above the garden! Great fenced garden, but youd have..

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To make your garden even more wildlife proof, it is a good idea to dig a trench along the fence line to sink your fence or some wire mesh at least eight inches underground, which will help deter digging rodents from entering where they are not wanted. Another structural solution to keep small animals out of your vegetable..

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4 Strategies for Keeping Animals Out of Your Garden. 1. Identify. Make sure you know precisely what creature is ransacking your garden. Putting up a higher fence for deer will be useless if raccoons or rabbits are your problem. Catching culprits in the act can be tricky, especially if they are nocturnal, so watch carefully for..

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For many vegetable gardeners, it is crucial to have a plan for keeping deer out of the garden. Discover tips for keeping deer away from your plants

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Mar 5, 2017 . Fencing is the most effective (and sometimes only!) way to keep unwanted visitors out of your garden. "Put up a fence from day one to prevent them from finding the food source in the first place," says David Drake, extension wildlife specialist and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A fence..

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Jan 27, 2012 . Animals who take up residence under a deck, cl space, or shed often are capable diggers. If you put up a fence to keep them out, be sure to extend wire meshing out in an L shape at or beneath the ground. L-footer style fencing will also keep wildlife out of yards and gardens

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Apr 6, 2016 . Four eggs and six cups of water in a blender, then sprayed on foliage, fence posts, ground, tree trunks, etc. in the area you want to protect. The sulfurous smell of eggs mimics the smell of dead animals, and thus indicates to deer that a predator must be around. Not very resistant to being washed away by..