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Producer of sherry in Cadiz, Spain. Describes production process, gives history of sherry and the sherry making region plus lists product range.

Perry's Cider

Traditional Somerset cider maker. Details company history, production process and products on offer.

Cambridge Systems Engineering

Machine design and manufacture of process and production automation systems. Includes information on component handling, printing, labelling, dispensing, and specialist production tooling jigs and fixtures.

Gene Simmons - Radioactive

Biography, women in his life, 1978 solo album, evolution of makeup and costumes, acting credits, $immons Records, production credits, and bass guitars used.

Wild's Brewery

Craft brewer in Weobley, Herefordshire. Lists beers and describes production process.

Crosslink Powder Coating

Custom and semi-production job shop specializing in powder coating for the automotive, architectural and building, and appliance industry. See photos and read about the process and benefits.

Tequila Cazadores

Mexican tequila. History of the brand and tequila, products, production process, cocktail recipes, and tequila terms.

Ball Packaging Europe

Manufacturer of beverage cans for softdrinks, beer, milk and energy drinks. Provides information on product innovations and patents, the production process and a history of the can. Also available in German.


Specializes in commercial and broadcast animation, Web design and film production.

Vepal Impianti

Design, production and installation of systems for air pollution control needs, coming from any industrial process. In Italian and English.

Welding Process Industrial Co., Ltd.

Designs and produces welding machines and welding guns. Specialize in designing the whole plant production line for spot welding. Includes product and company information.

Monticello Granite

Online store for solid granite countertops. View color range, and find maintenance tips and information on the granite production process.

EPIC Modular Process Systems

Designs and builds innovative modular plants and complete production systems for process manufacturing. Provides expertise in analysis, design and process with off-site modularization and on-site responsibility.


Dutch company specialized in the production and distribution of legwear. Including company overview, the process, and collections.

Pashmina Dreams

Provides information about pashmina cashmire wool and the production process. Includes a catalog of shawls and stoles with photos and pricing.


Polish mineral water producer. Including nutrition info, local information, history, sports, production process, and fun stuff. In Polish only.

Russian Standard Vodka

Distilled from winter wheat and glacial water. Including history of vodka, the production process, flavors, cocktail recipes, goodies, and news.

Barbourne Cider

Small cider producer in Worcestershire. Explains production process and lists products.

Mad About Sherry

Information on sherry and its producers. Explains the production process and list major producers.

Process Improvement Japan

Information and techniques from Toyota`s lean manufacturing experts. Areas covered are kaizen, the Toyota Production System and employee engagement strategies. Offers free monthly newsletter.

Domaine de la Janasse

Tasting notes and production information on the wines made at this Rhone Valley winery. Includes press articles, estate history, technical details on the winemaking process and importer contacts. In French and English.