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Deck Building Tips Before Installing Vinyl Decking - Econodek

When it comes to outdoor deck surfaces, the choices are far more varied than just plain wood. A sundeck covered with Econodek vinyl decking is one of the easiest and most effective methods to create a beautiful waterproof sundeck, one that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and adds value to your home

Advantages & FAQ - DekSmart Vinyl Decking

Deksmart Vinyl Flooring products are embossed to provide a positive slip-resistant walking surface, without being abrasive like some non-slip surfaces. . Deksmart vinyl decking is a poly-vinyl chloride sheet flooring system designed to waterproof your sundeck, while using attractive color patterns to please the eye

Vinyl Re-Fresh - Ducan

Vinyl Re-Fresh is a colour coat that has excellent adhesion to vinyl siding and most types of vinyl sheet decking. . Note: White or lightly coloured vinyl may require two applications to cover thoroughly. . With a 4 " paint brush cut in and around tight areas or areas where a paint sprayer or roller may not be able to reach

Floating Deck Systems Waterproofing - Plazadek by

Plazadek by - Waterproofing Under Floating Deck Systems The Plazadek System is an application of Ultra Vinyl specifically for use with a paver or duck board overlay. The 60 mil product is 25% thicker than what is required for roofing membranes on commercial buildings (48 mil) and therefore capable of..