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Using CCA PreservativeTreated. Lumber in Gardens and. Landscaping. STEPHEN L. QUARLES, University of California Cooperative Extension Wood Durability. Advisor; JOHN W. KOBZINA, University of California Cooperative Extension Master. Gardener, Contra Costa County; PAMELA M. GEISEL, University of..

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INFORMATION HGIC 1732. 1-888-656-9988. Treated Wood in the Landscape. Wood has been a mainstay in landscapes for years. It is often used to outline a border, to trim various types of beds that contain flowers or shrubs, in the construction of compost bins, and for raised beds

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Jan 17, 2017 . Coastal is a leading provider of treated garden Landscape Timbers. All of the Landscape Timbers are pressure treated with an approved wood preservative

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Generally, landscaping timbers are flat on top and bottom, making it ideal for stacking. Typically, there are two major types of landscaping timbers. These are natural and synthetic. Natural timbers are either treated or untreated. The treated ones are more pricey however they can last longer. If you only have a smaller budget..

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May 12, 2010 . Your home center may have several options when it comes to pressure treated lumber for landscaping. You should know a few basic facts about each before you buy. 3x5x8' landscape ties (nominal measurement) Most 3x5x8' pressure treated landscape timbers (LSTs) originate as the center cants from..

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Pressure Treated Posts LandscapeTimbers310x125. Preservative treated. Light green preservative is locked within the wood, protecting it from termites, decay and rot. Attractive, strong Red or Yellow Pine. Used for posts and for landscape timbers. 14' and shorter treated to ground contact retention. 16' treated to structural..

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Choose timbers that will last well in your climate. Pressure-treated landscaping timbers are commonly available in 8-foot 5x6s, 6x6s, and 6x8s. You will need a high-quality, 3/8-inch extension bit for boring through the timbers. A chain saw will make cutting the timbers easier, but be sure to take all safety precautions