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ROOF FRAMING In this chapter, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of roof design and construction. But, before discussing roof framing, we will first review .

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Sloped roof drip edge detail with a cant strip and raised edge perimeter flashing for a tile roof. . Because APA has no control over quality of workmanship or the conditions under which engineered wood products are used, it cannot accept responsibility of .

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Open Deck-Wood Wall detail 2.dwg 22. Open Deck-Wood Wall detail 2.pdf 23. 23. Open Deck-Wood Wall detail.dwg 23. Open Deck-Wood Wall detail.pdf 24. 24. Section View of lower & second level deck.dwg 24. Section View of lower & second level deck 26. .

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Free, high quality CAD dings, blocks and details of Structural and Exterior Enclosure Products for Amvic Building System. Free, . Exterior Wood Deck Ledger Board Detail dwg (FLR-013) Composite Steel Floor Deck w/ Concrete Ledge dwg (FLR-018 dwg .

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and roof fram-ing where floor and roof trusses are used, and accommodates 24-inch spacing of studs where wind loads . larger studs are required for thicker in-sulation or heavier floor and roof loads. Terminology Previous versions of this document have .

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Roof Flashing Details Index FD01 Interior Roof Drain Detail FD02 Interior Drain with Gravel Stop Detail FD03 Scupper Roof Drain Detail . Roof deck Wood nailers Continuous sheet metal closure fastened 18 oc M60 RubrPoly sheet extended to overlay metal .

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Type of roof deck Slope and drainage A roof s configuration Building movement Fire, . SPF Roof Systems | Chapter 8Construction Details Wood Nailers and Blocking: Many of the con-struction details illustrated in this manual depict wood nailers and .

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Building Waterproof Roof Decks Finishes & Maintenance Posted on: July 21, 2014 Building Waterproof Roof Decks . So whenever wood posts penetrate any deck we're working on, we flash them with metal L-flashing that can be waterproofed with the deck .


28 ARCHITECTURAL DETAIL DINGS TABLE OF CONTENTS TYPICAL DETAILS: Appendix A Panel Connections 30 A-1 - Wall Panel to Panel Connection Standard 31 A-2 - Roof Panel to Panel Connection Standard 32 A-3 - Wall .

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and 3 ft. for nominal 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch thick deck-ing, respectively, no special considerations for layup are necessary. The maximum cantilever length for controlled .

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Wood Trusses Wood trusses, also known as metal plate-connected wood trusses, are popular for roof construction because of their competitive price, reduced labor requirements for roof framing, and ability to span long distances. Wood trusses are most often .

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homeowners who understand our attention to detail. And now is taking that philosophy and applying it to providing . Floor Test) for porcelain tile over a wood frame constructed deck. The tile is far less likely to crack. Other anti-fracture membranes are .