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Jul 8, 2011 . Pool decks aren't normally included in the base costs of in-ground swimming pools. Pool decks can be made of concrete, pavers, wood, or other materials. Some municipalities classify decks wider than 4 feet as patio decks, which require different building permits. Nearly all municipalities require permits for..

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Apr 22, 2014 . And above-ground pools cost much less than even the least expensive inground options. They do have one . This design features a stand-alone deck that meets the edge of the pool, wrapping around it to provide easy access into the pool. Signage, tiki . Build storage into your deck design. Check out this..

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How long does it take to build a deck? Will water get into the bottom of the pool with the new deck? Can I gain access to below the deck? How do I store things below deck? What happens to the pool during its retirement? When I want to use the pool again, what do I have to do? Is there a warranty on a Deckover Pool Cover..

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Jul 10, 2012 . We have an above ground pool with NO deck but we have gotten so much use out of the silly thing that I have come to not care! It was $400 at . But it did cost a fortune, even with DH building it. Still, it is less .. We put in an inground pool 20 years ago along with a deck and concrete walk around. Total cost..

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Pool and spa decks are among the most expensive types of deck you can build. Before you can build the entertainment deck around a pool or spa, you first need to build a structure with oversized footers, beams, and rafters to support it all. It's almost like building two decks, says Biedenweg. Get more info on deck cost