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So What Are the Alternatives? We soaked five types of trim in a bucket of water for about a month. That's not a scientific simulation of real-world conditions, and most of these products aren't intended for that kind of punishment. Still, we think the results are worth sharing: Cellular PVC and poly ash: These two materials were..

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May 27, 2016 . The latest developments in timber preservation, wood modification and engineered and composite wood products will be covered at the upcoming Wood Innovations 2016, an industry event for timber manufacturing and treatment companies in Australia. Alternatives to timber treated with wood..

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Experiment with alternative materials for wood, like concrete, plastic, steel, and alternative decking materials. These materials have plastic and recycled wood fibers mixed together to form a structure similar to a 2x4. Experiment with processes to re-use and recycle wood products into pulp for the cardboard and paper..

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Oct 20, 2017 . Like many tropical wood types, ebony is an endangered species that is tricky to use, such in instrument manufacturing. Despite strict trade regulations, ebony stocks are plummeting. A substitute is urgently needed. And this is where the Empa spin-off Swiss Wood Solutions comes in. Its product, "Swiss..

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Alternatives to Ancient Forests for Paper and Construction Materials. Wood is part of everyday life. but current wood consumption is unsustainable and is placing tremendous pressure on the world's remaining ancient forests. Many products presently contain wood fibre originating from ancient and endangered forests

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The Materials Industry Is Pitching In to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Posted on December 14, 2017. The Materials Industry Is Pitching In to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. By Blaine Brownell. These companies are utilizing alternative technologies to reduceand reusecarbon. More. Tags: Climate Change..

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Substitution between wood and competing materials is of considerable interest, partly because of the global warming issue and partly due to the more general demand question regarding competition between wood products and alternatives. While the former focuses on carbon fixation and avoided greenhouse gas (GHG)..

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It arrives as a finished product and never needs sanding, staining, or painting -- just an occasional soap and water cleaning. Wood needs to be finished after installation and then refinished every 1-2 years, meaning you'll be spending a significant amount of time and elbow grease maintaining that deck. Explore the project..

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ACT Composite Timbers (ACT) are a strong, durable alternative to treated lumber. ACT Alternative Lumber Products are . ACT engineered structural lumber products combine the durability of plastic and the strength of fiberglass to produce a superior construction product. Where service life and low maintenance are the..

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A Viable Alternative. When a customer is interested in an alternative to solid wood or interested in ways around ISPM 15 regulations, Timber Creek may suggest the use of engineered wood. We use engineered materials in designs and applications similar to our solid wood products. Because of the methods used during the

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Whether for framing a new addition, building a deck or making a piece of furniture, wood is usually the go-to material. However, there are environmental costs and structural dbacks to many traditional wood products. Plenty of creative alternatives are available. Here is a sampling of wood alternatives, most with some..

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Find alternative material pallets, composite pallets and plastic pallets from Millwood Inc. These pallets are designed to overcome the dbacks of wood pallets. . Wood Products Brochure . Composite Pallets: These pallets are manufactured from a combination of wood and other materials, including molded blocks. The..

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Feb 22, 2018 . The AEC industry recently has a newfound appreciation for wood and its applications in tall and mass timber construction. But the material's relatively lightweight and carbon-storing capacities are also inspiring innovators and scientists to experiment with new uses and manipulations. From readily available..

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Aug 23, 2010 . Due to overlapping layers and thicknesses that give it strength, LVL engineered wood is a superior alternative to wood for certain structural applications. LVL is easy to cut and work with. It's available in long lengths without any significant defects. It accepts paint or stain just like any other wood product

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The building industry has recently seen an increase in the number of alternative siding and trim materials . The current species of trees from which these wood products are harvested have been specially cultivated for fast growth and high yield. Unfortunately, faster growth trees generally have a larger cell structure which..