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1.5" composite metal deck requires less concrete but spans shorter distances than deeper composite metal decking. It is recommended to pour a minimum of 2" of concrete over the ribs of the deck for a total slab thickness of 3.5". (410) 796-7968. Quantity. Length. 24-0", 20'-0", Custom. Gauge. 22ga. 20ga. 18ga. 16ga

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The sheet metal decking unit presents hold-down elements above and below the geometric mid-plane of the decking unit, and presents shear-resisting elements below the geometric mid-plane, which cooperate in the composite floor construction to achieve the composite load carrying capability of the floor. The decking unit..

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Greater Durability. The Multideck steel base has superior corrosion protection with guaranteed minimum yield strength depending on the specification used. Unbeatable Strength. When the steel and concrete composite slabs are constructed, they are lighter and stronger than most conventional slabs. Steel decking provides..

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Although most commonly used on steel framed buildings, composite slabs may also be supported off masonry or concrete components. A typical example of the decking layout for a composite floor is shown in. Figure 1.1. The lines of shear connectors indicate the positions of the composite beams. Figure 1.1 A typical..

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a composite deck floor The composite floor deck is designed primarily for the pouring of concrete over it to make a form for a floor or structure. The 1.5 composite floor deck, or LOK-Deck is very similar to our B-Deck panel, but with one main difference. The composite floor decking panels has several bumps or louvers placed..

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Supplier of steel decking in NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester and Northern New Jersey. . Metal Decking. Steel Roof Deck; Composite Floor Deck . On-Site, On-Time Delivery. 10-Story Boom & Spider Truck Service. Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Staten..

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It utilizes composite floor technology that can weigh up to 40% less than comparably utilized cast-in-place (CIP) concrete floors, and can achieve clear spans up to 36. Versa-Floor . With spans up to 36, the deep-ribbed steel deck profile of Deep-Dek creates the longest spanning composite floor systems available

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Structural Floor and Roof Solutions. Technical Guidance Sheet Durability of Steel Deck Composite Floors. Introduction. SMD (Structural Metal Decks Ltd), have supplied and installed millions of square metres of steel decking, across all sectors, from office/mixed-use and its typically non-aggressive environment to Leisure,..

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the specified concrete thickness. 8 inch on center low flute spacing to allow for bearing wall studs to be at 16 inches on center. Non-composite deck. 78 inch depth, 32 inch coverage. 2 foot to 7 foot Span Range. No Acustadek Options. Good for short span conditions. For use when metal deck is used as a leave in..

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Don't try to vent composite steel floor deck in an effort to dry the concrete over the deck more quickly. There are no test results demonstrating that venting is an effective means to increase the rate of drying for concrete over composite steel floor deck, says Paul. Wait until the concrete is fully dry before placing any floor..

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Oct 1, 2015 . B. Materials testing and inspection during construction: Section 01 45 29, TESTING LABORATORY SERVICES. . Underwriters' Label: Provide composite metal floor deck units listed in Underwriters' Laboratories Building Materials Directory, with each deck unit bearing the UL label and marking for..

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Venting for Structural Floor Systems In recent years, there have been issues with newer formulations of adhesives for floor coverings installed over concrete and metal deck slabs since they seem to be more sensitive to the moisture levels in the slab. This led to the recommendation that floor decks be vented in order to allow..

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We (CMF, Studwelders Composite Floor Decks & Northern Steel Decking) are proud to provide a total service portfolio from draughting, planning & design to installation and project management, all from the same people that our customers know and trust. Click on one of the logos below to transfer to any of our sister..