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Older homes are more likely to have suspended timber floors. Timber floors can be insulated by lifting the floorboards and laying mineral wool insulation supported by netting between the joists. Many homes especially newer ones will have a ground floor made of solid concrete. This can be insulated when it needs to be..


INSULATION FOR SOLID CONCRETE AND SUSPENDED. GROUND FLOORS. CI/Sfb. Seventh Issue November 2014. (27.9) Rn7. M2. TF70. . High performance rigid thermoset insulation thermal conductivity 0.022 W/m.K. . Can reduce the cost of related items soil removal, service connections. . Unaffected by air..

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Advice on making suspended timber floors more energy efficient by improving insulation and airtightness

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Nov 22, 2017 . Floors are constructed in two ways, either suspended or solid. Suspended timber floors consist of floorboards nailed to joists, often carried on 'sleeper' walls of brick. It is important that the underside of a suspended floor is ventilated to avoid the build up of moisture. To achieve this, grilles are incorporated at..

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suspended timber floors. Depending on the moisture location and movement vectors there are several versions we have developed: Woodfibre insulation, such as Unger Diffutherm Udiflex, is friction fitted between and installed under joists up to a depth of 200mm. udiflex 200mm. udiflex detail. Woodfibre insulation with a..

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The simplest way of insulating suspended timber floors is to fit Quinn Therm QF between the joists. As this has no impact on floor levels it is a good solution for upgrading the performance of existing timber floors. Plasterboard; Joists and support attend; Quinn Therm QF Boards; Pipework & Cables; Timber flooring; Internal..

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Jun 7, 2017 . Options for floor insulation. The type of floor insulation used will depend on whether the floor is concrete slab or a suspended timber-frame floor. On this page: Insulating timber-framed floors; Insulating concrete slab floors. Timber-frame floors are typically insulated with polystyrene boards or sheet insulation..

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Timber - Insulation Between Joists on Suspended Ground Floors. The Isover G3 Touch Range has a fantastic range of benefits, including: Healthy Indoor Environment with a Gold Eurofins Certification; Soft Touch with G3 Touch - Gentle to Install; Excellent Recovery & Strength - No Slumping and High Tear Strength; Natural..

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(b) Suspended Timber floor; The ground should have a layer of concrete poured across with ventilated gaps between the underside of the timbers and the concrete. The timber floor joists are normally laid across the shortest span from wall to wall with a gap underneath. Insulation can be placed between the joists, by taking..

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Suspended Timber Floors. For suspended timber floors, insulation is generally placed between the floor joists. In this case the insulation shall be placed in full contact with the underside of the floor deck and fit tightly to the sides of the rafters. The insulation should be supported at the design depth to prevent slumping

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Oct 12, 2017 . Adding insulation to suspended timber ground floors commonly found in homes built before the Second World War can reduce heat-loss by up to 92 percent, according to research from UCL and the University of Sheffield

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Jun 26, 2017 . There are approximately 6.6 million dwellings in the UK built before 1919, predominantly constructed with suspended timber ground floors whose thermal performance has not been extensively investigated. The results are presented from an in-situ heat-flow measuring campaign conducted at 27 locations..

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Dec 14, 2016 . This is a common problem in retrofit projects as it can be tricky to get anything underneath the floor structure to hold up your insulation. Installing insulation without any support is risky as over time and with the vibration that walking over the floor causes, the insulation can slowly fall out. How to insulate susp

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Suspended Timber Floors Insulated with SuperGlass Multi-Roll. Typical Construction. In a suspended and ventilated timber ground floor, the insulation is laid between the joists and supported on polypropylene netting with a deck of tongue and grooved chipboard. Netting is required to be positioned and stapled between..

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Insulating below suspended timber floors reduces heat loss across the cavity and improves the thermal performance of the floor