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Over time your timber deck naturally loses its tannins and oils, making it look old and tired. This guide will show you how easy it is to bring your deck back to its former glory

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Wooden decks come in a variety of colors depending on the type of wood you choose, but all decks suffer from the same reality: eventually the wood will fade from the color of the sun and the wood will suffer damage from weathering. Stains provide coloring for the wood to bring it back to its original hue or to change the..

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Aug 13, 2013 . Our plan now is to stain it with a semi-transparent stain that's similar in color to the previous rich brown color (it must have been glorious in its day, before it started to wear away and we think it'll look great with our brick facade). In fact we didn't go through the trouble to fully strip the small vertical railings..

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Keep your decking looking its best by protecting it from the elements and the effects of wear and tear. Choose . Decking Colours. Cuprinol has a wide range of colours to choose from, whether you want to inject colour and vibrancy into your garden with a stain or a more traditional look with an oil, we have a product for you

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Learn how to stain a deck with Bunnings Warehouse. . Once the surface has been prepared, it's a simple job to stain the timber with a brush and lambs wool applicator. This video shows you everything you need to know to do the job professionally . Tools. Cloth; Lambswool applicator; Paint brush; Paint stirrer; Paint tray..

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Sep 3, 2017 . If you are working on a piece of furniture or staining a wood floor, I hope you're wearing old clothes because the wood staining products can be difficult to remove from fabric. However, while it is nearly impossible to remove large stains - especially those that have really soaked through the fibers - there is..

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If stain drips onto the siding, promptly wipe it off using a clean cloth and mineral spirits or paint thinner. Attach a broom handle to the applicator pad. Glide the pad along the length of the deck boards, staining with the grain (Photo 9). Stop only at the end of a board. Otherwise, the overlap where you stopped and started could..

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Any exterior wood stain will work, but there are specialist decking stains available that are generally more penetrating and hard-wearing. If the deck gets a lot of foot-traffic you need to make sure it won't wear off. A translucent stain will age better opaque stains in strong colours can flake off with age, leaving your deck..

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Rejuvenate, enhance and protect your timber deck or outdoor furniture with Resene Kwila Timber Stain (see Data Sheet D501). Ideally suited for new or weathered Kwila, it is also suitable for use over other exotic hardwoods, adding colour to the timber while still allowing the natural grain to show through. A Resene Kwila..

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Deck stains are available in a variety of rich colours and deliver a semi-opaque finish while protecting and weatherproofing the deck. Decking oils penetrate the timber, waterproofing and replacing natural oils and resins that are lost over time. Oils leave a subtle colour that enhances the beauty of the wood, and they don't..

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Cabot's Deck & Exterior Stain Oil Based is a durable decking stain which rejuvenates and transforms the colour of all exterior timber, decks and garden furniture, delivering a long lasting, beautiful result. It is ideal to enhance the look of timbers such as treated pine and rejuvenate worn timbers. The oil enriched

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Because it is difficult to determine the condition of the oil-based coating to be stripped, test the undiluted stripper on a small area to determine its effectiveness. Cabot Problem-Solver Wood Stripper is an oil-based paint, stain and varnish remover. It will remove paint or stain on adjacent surfaces not intended to be stripped

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Resene Timber and Furniture Gel - this product gives you the look of a stain, but it's extra-thick nature means it's much easier to apply to furniture and small wooden areas without unwanted drips and splashes. Available in a range of colours. Resene Kwila Timber Stain - gives a rich Kwila brown finish to decks, furniture and..

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Mar 9, 2017 . As long as the deck is structurally sound, the property owner can easily finish this job in a weekend. Old, weathered boards will get new life with a coat of Olympic Resurfacer in warm Autumn Gray. Most colors of wood stain seek to erase the appearance of time and wear. This unique shade embraces it and..

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Preschem 's Timber Stain range is based on the Aussie Clear but with distinct lasting colour. Available in Brown . Badly weathered surfaces should be sanded back or cleaned using a wood cleaner such as Preschem GREY DECK CLEANER. Stir the . Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with water

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A fresh coat of stain can revive your deck and add a burst of color to your backyard

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When applied to correctly prepared timber, NaturalStain will NEVER flake, blister or peel*. NaturalStain delivers a wide range of timber colour options to cater for individual designs or to give Treated Pine the appearance of another timber species. NaturalStain is extremely durable and withstands wear on timber decking..

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Timber & Decks. The Colourplus Timbercare range is specially designed for New Zealand conditions. The range includes oil and water based stains, penetrating oils, solid colour finishes, and polyurethanes

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Mar 5, 2012 . Q: I laid my clothes over the back of a wooden chair and the wood stain came off onto my clothes. One of the articles of . Considering the stain that would make sense, but that would also be a problem since the dye in a wood stain is pretty concentrated and not likely to come out. But if a little bit of the finish..

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Cabot Stains Australian Timber Oil . Cabot Solid Color Decking Stains are extremely durable exterior stains for use on all wood decking, outdoor furniture and fencing, as well as cement patios and ... But, it has been less than a year and there is significant peeling and wear even in low traffic areas such as our back deck

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If the deck or furniture is irregular in colour, with black and grey patches, it's best to use Grey Away or Grimes & Sons Timber Bleach. It should disinfect the timber and balance the colours. Soak for 5 minutes, scrub with a stiff bristled brush, then rinse with water. Soiled material should wash straight off, and try to avoid getting..