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Renovation of more than 25 per cent of a solid or suspended floor involving the replacement of screed or a timber floor deck would have to meet the standards required by the building regulations Approved Documents. Read more about changes to thermal elements (in the 'External Walls' section). Previous Building..

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Detail Sheet, meets the requirements of the Building. Regulations 1997 - 2008 as indicated in Section 1.2 of. Certificate 08/0324. USE: Xtratherm Hyfloor Underfloor Insulation is used for the thermal insulation in ground supported and suspended floors and may be installed: Below a concrete floor slab;. Below a cement..

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proposed changes to Building Regulations Approved Document L June . insulation screed damp proof membrane DPM concrete slab hardcore with sand blinding ground. Groundbearing floor : typical build-up. A groundbearing floor is used where the condition of ... Example : Semi-detached house - solid concrete floor

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More than insulation. 5. Regulations now demands a 'whole building Approach' to energy measurement based on carbon dioxide emissions, setting an overall ... 90. 0.14. Solid Floor (75mm screed). Building fabric insulation. Floors. Heatloss from a floor is easily rectified through an increase in the insulation thickness

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Jan 23, 2018 . 1 Introduction; 2 Building Regulations. 2.1 U-values for floors in domestic buildings; 2.2 U-values for floors in non-domestic buildings. 3 Insulation methods. 3.1 New buildings. 3.1.1 Insulation above the floor slab; 3.1.2 Insulation below the floor slab; 3.1.3 Timber floor. 3.2 Retrofitting existing buildings

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Find the solution you need below for different types of floating floors. First, choose first the level of sound insulation you need, then check then the construction layers required to achieve the level. The level is based on local building regulations. From the two last columns you can also find airborne sound insulation values for..

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Solid insulation boards, (as in the picture below) or rolls of mineral fibre similar to those used to insulate lofts can be fitted between the flooring joists. If your floor is above an . In fact, where this is the case, upgrading your floor insulation is required in order to comply with building regulations. Insulation can be added over..

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Jun 27, 2016 . It's essential that suspended concrete floors are properly insulated from blasts of cold air blowing through the subfloor void underneath your feet. The Building Regulations' 'backstop' target U value for ground floors is 0.25W/m2K, which should be easily achievable with 75mm or 100mm-thick rigid insulation..

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Ground bearing floors can include insulation either below or above the concrete slab, the choice the designer makes will have an impact on the temperatures inside the building, as follows: . The table below shows the target U values as given in the relevant Tables of the Building Regulation Approved Documents

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For solid concrete floors, make sure that if they need to be replaced, your builder puts in insulation you have to insulate a floor when it is replaced in order to comply with building regulations. Solid floors are insulated using rigid insulation foam, which can be fitted either above or below the concrete. If the concrete is above..

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In general, recent research (George, Geens & Graham, BFF, Spring 2006) has shown that solid ground floor insulation as an addition to well-insulated walls and roof, contributes very little to the building's overall thermal performance. The designer should balance the extra benefit(s) attached to installing a new slab with the..

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Question on floor insulation. What is the build up of a floor to meet with the Building Regulations for thermal insulation? Answer. The Building Regulations require that, in some circumstances, the floor should contain insulation to achieve the heat loss estimates for the room and/or house as a whole. This has led to an..

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ROCKWOOL ground floor insulation provides high thermal performance for timber floors, metal floors, precast concrete floating floors as well as beam and block floors

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Since the mid-1990s the Building Regulations have required insulation in ground floors, a concrete floor can be termed 'cold', i.e. concrete placed below the insulation or 'warm' i.e. the concrete above the insulation. There are three general types of ground floor construction; (a) Solid floor; hardcore base with sand blinding,..

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The level of the floor should be carefully calculated during excavation to ensure the finish is at the correct height below the doorway thresholds to comply with Part M of the Building Regulations. A 30mm insulation upstand should be installed around the perimeter of the floor and continued up the wall to meet the bottom of..

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Oct 15, 2017 . This study investigates the impact of retrofitting insulation on the thermal performance of suspended timber ground floors through the detailed investigation .. model [40], which is the basis for SAP models used for Building Regulations compliance and to compare pre-and post retrofit efficiency savings [41]


INSULATION FOR SOLID CONCRETE AND SUSPENDED. GROUND FLOORS . insulation upstand. Minimum of. 150 / 225* mm for a concrete floor. Figure 3 Complete Timber Floor Insulation. Kingspan. Thermafloor TF70. Minimum of. 200 mm for a . Documents L to the Building Regulations (England &. Wales), the..

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Choosing the right insulation for your project is vital when building dwellings to the new. Part F1 regulations which will result in energy efficient, comfortable dwellings. This guide provides the solutions to meet the more stringent requirements of the Building. Regulations using Xtratherm Thin-R high performance insulation


Timber floors can be insulated by lifting the floorboards and laying mineral wool insulation supported by netting between the joists. Many homes especially . If you are adding extra insulation to your floors, the work will need to comply with the relevant Building Regulations for where you live. Your installer will normally..

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Details of the planning permission and building regulation regimes for Extensions. . A typical way of constructing a solid floor would be to provide a base of hardcore with sand blinding, with a layer of concrete over that. To ensure a . A suitable gauge damp proof membrane (DPM) and thermal insulation must be provided

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INSULATION FOR SOLID CONCRETE AND SUSPENDED. GROUND FLOORS. CI/Sfb. Fifth Issue. May 2007. Rn7. M2 floor TF70. Insulation .. of buildings. Heat transfer via the ground. Calculation methods) which is required for compliance with Building Regulations /. Standards revised after the year 2002. Unlike roofs..