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Exterior Wood Stain - Choosing The Best For Your Project

Siding and trim can be beautified and protected from the elements with exterior wood stain. An exterior stain must have the ability to resist the damaging effects of the sun and rain. Plus, provide a pleasing appearance for as long as possible. This is difficult for a product that is designed to allow the wood grain and character..

6 Best Deck Stain Reviews Oil-Based & Water-Based Deck Stain

Ready Seal Natural Cedar Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer. The oil-based Ready Seal also comes in 7 different colors to make it possible to get something that suits your preferences. It is also a semitransparent stain and it will be great when you..

Your Guide on How to Stain Your Deck | Best Types, Colors, Tips

If you neglect it for too long, not only does the look and utility of the space diminish, but its materials begin to break down as well, leading to an unsafe surface full of protruding nails and wood ripe for splinters. The good news is that staining a deck to seal in its beauty and lengthen its life is a simple DIY task that requires..

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It sounds like your contractor wants to give your deck a furniture-like appearance, and with all those coats of stain and polyurethane, my concern is that you could see peeling as the deck weathers. The best rule of thumb is to only apply as much stain as the wood can absorb. If the stain lays on the surface and forms a film,..

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Mar 31, 2017 . Deck stains also protect your wood and extend the longevity of your deck. If you are not sure how to choose a color, the easiest solution is to pick one that complements your home's exterior paint color. Alternatively, choose the color closest to your deck's natural wood color. Below are some top picks for..

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To clean and prep the deck for staining, wash it with Cabot Problem Solver Wood Cleaner, rinse with clean water and let it dry for two to three days. . How to apply stain. Natural bristle brushes are the best choice for effectively working the stain into the wood fibers and cells. Start by heavily coating the open end-grain of..

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Stain vertical siding from the top to the bottom, three to five boards at a time. Let stain dry completely (usually 24 hours). Apply a second coat if you want a darker look. Also, apply a second coat when staining badly weathered or unfinished wood. And remember, if you ever have questions about an exterior stain project, the..

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It's the inevitable effect of the sun and foot traffic, but it's also a good indicator that it's time for a new coat of penetrating stain or waterproofer. To find out, test the wood by pouring some water on a shady spot of your deck and seeing how long it takes to soak in. If the water disappears in less than 5 minutes, the wood is ready..

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Even some deck stains can be more prone to mold than others. Mold and wood do not mix. Mold will win every time. Spore infiltration may be surface mold or it could go deeper into the wood fibers. Damage can range from unsightly appearance to major structural damage. The good news is that mold on decks can be..

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On an older deck, dirt, graying from the sun, mildew, and old stains all need to be removed prior to staining. Sodium percarbonate wood cleaners, also known as oxygen bleach wood cleaners, are a great choice for this step. They are highly effective at cleaning the wood, yet won't harm plant life and vegetation. Best of all..