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I am planning on building cascading box steps with a concrete slab landing off my deck. The total rise is 36. Will I have to pour . Non-frost resistant slabs will move up and down with the seasons as the soil expands and contracts during freeze and thaw cycles over the course of the seasons. The reason for the expansion is..

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Covering concrete stairs? Upstairs Staircase Renovation will be pleased to help. Read more here and contact us about covering your concrete stairs

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Nov 23, 2017 . Build Wood Deck Stair Landing: Concrete Footers and 6x6 Posts: How to build concrete footers and set 6x6 deck posts for a new deck stair landing. . Place the ABA66Z over the 1/2 inch concrete anchor bolt and fasten it with the galvanized washer and hex nut. The anchor bolt has the same threads as..

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Nov 12, 2009 . Concrete (or masonry) steps are commonly built between a garage that is on grade and a home which is on a basement or cl space type foundation. This is fine unless you decide to convert your garage into living space and you are confronted with how to cover the masonry stairs with wood so that they..

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Dec 14, 2017 . The 6×6 support posts and concrete footers are removed to complete the old deck stair demolition. Table of Contents. Planning and Building Wood Deck Stairs with Landing · Tear Down Old Wood Deck Stairs and Landing; Remove Wood Deck Stair Landing Support Posts and Concrete Footers (you are..

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The versatility and durability of concrete along with the very low maintenance required, make the choice of having concrete stairs over wood stairs an easy one. Concrete stairs . Although the ratio can vary depending on the application, local building codes should dictate the maximum riser height and minimum tread depth

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When installing concrete steps, you have to make sure that you build the right number of steps for the height of the entrance. Before building the steps, you have to make a wood form, or frame, into which to pour the concrete. This form will . Dig out 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) of earth over the area where the steps will be

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Depending on the type of stone you use, you may need to place them over a poured concrete base. Typically, thinner stone . Wood. If you want a simple, natural look for your steps, wood may be a smart alternative to concrete. Wooden steps are less expensive to build, so they're a budget-friendly choice. While building..

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Sep 21, 2013 . Agree you will not be saving any time or money by framing over the concrete. You really dont want to even PT wood in contact with concrete, so you would have to put plastic wood under the studs and SS hardware into the PT wood. You will not get any light or air to prevent mold. You have to make stairs..