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Build a trellis next to your metal fence. Sink 4-by-4-inch posts into the ground, at about 50 percent higher than the height of the post. For example, if you want an 8-foot high trellis, purchase 12-foot posts and sink them into the ground 4 feet. Then screw eye bolts to the posts every 2 feet and wrap high-tensile wire around the..

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Whether you're planting in beds or containers, you create harmonious, eye-pleasing scenes when you arrange plants by height. The simplest approach is to follow a . For instance, if a bed skirts a 4-foot-tall fence, add plants that will stretch a little above the fence posts. If you select plants that don't even reach the top of the..

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Feb 22, 2014 . Our backyard sits at the bottom of a hill and is bordered by a wood privacy fence. The fence is 6 feet tall on the sides and 7 feet tall at the back. We have lived here for five years, and I have grown tired of having to look at houses when I'm out back and in our kitchen. I feel like I'm surrounded..

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Discover how plants can be used to extend the height of your fence and increase the privacy of your yard

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Sep 6, 2016 . Fences are the obvious choice when it comes to creating a more private space, but privacy hedges are a great way to improve the look of your home and often provide . For example, if you want your privacy hedge to reach your second story window, you'll need to choose a plant that can reach that height

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Jun 14, 2017 . Build a sense of serenity and security with trees, hedging and bamboo plants. Creating a secluded, tranquil atmosphere, they also make great sound barriers and offer your garden a natural, rustic feel. In areas where there is a restriction on wall and fence height to the front of a house, the addition of a..

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Apr 20, 2017 . Hanging an awning over your entire backyard or planting a tree big enough to screen everything isn't a good option, since usually, getting the light you need to grow things is . You can layer some climbing plants on it to give yourself more privacy, or add a row of narrow shrubs just in front of the fence.

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Feb 16, 2018 . Privacy Screen In The Yard. This first one is set a few feet from the property line and the wood supports lean on the smaller fence behind it. If there are fence height regulations where you live, this is a good workaround. This is a really good choice if you are trying to block out the view from a taller building

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Aug 26, 2015 . If planted in rows bamboo makes for an attractive hedge that can easily be kept at a certain height. You don't have to . To make a privacy fence you can plant bamboo in a long container or multiple containers side by side. The bamboo .. I am wanting to block my neighbors backyard few from my balcony

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. plants for a living privacy fence. Its thick evergreen foliage creates a dense hedge when the trees are spaced properly, it tolerates most soil conditions, and it's cold hardy and low maintenance. There are several varieties of different stature, from dwarf to giant, so consider the plant's mature height and width when choosing..

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Some of our best landscaping ideas include adding height with planters and baskets, and creating spaces where outdoor party guests can sit, relax, and enjoy drinks and company. Each of . Also, if you have only a small space between your house and the street, try constructing a low fence out in front of the yard. This little..

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Jun 3, 2016 . Living fences can be less expensive, tooinstalling a wood privacy fence is likely to cost $20 to $30 per linear foot. Living fences can . Young one-to-two-foot-high privet plants often can be purchased for just $4 apiece and grow very quickly, typically adding two to three feet of height per year. Privet plants..

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Aug 21, 2016 . Fences for privacy - ideas for privacy fences, backyard privacy fences, fences for small garden privacy plus how to use trellis for screening in your garden. . The horizontal slatted fencing raises the height, updates it, looks smart and makes the garden more private. Garden designed by Charlotte Rowe

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Jul 2, 2015 . The problem: my living room overlooked the junk heap, and nothing but a chain-link fence separated our outdoor spaces. The solution: privacy plants . If height isn't a huge factor with your privacy screen, you don't need to wait for the boxwood to grow tall before achieving the results you desire. [photo from..

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But one easy way to do it is to install a canopy of outdoor-friendly fabric as homeowners Brian Caldwell and Robert Shore have done here. Bonus: The .. If your space is small, create windows, as seen in this gate, and vary the height of your plants or structures. That will . Most municipalities have rules about fence height

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The first thing to decide on is which fence styles will work best for your yard. Take the time to learn about fences. Understand their functionality, material used, purpose, and height. A good understanding of these attributes is essential before calling a fencing contractor. Without proper research, you may not get a fence that..

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Electric fence placed a few inches outside a wire fence also helps. Tunneling Pests: Gophers, Chipmunks, Moles, etc. These subterranean travelers have the advantage of being out of sight most of the time, and can do their dirty work of munching your plants undetected. In winter, they move beneath the snow and gnaw the..

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If a fence is at the maximum height allowed, another option is to put a taller structure within the yard like this one. There were . Privacy fence ideas - creative ways to use fences and screens to make your backyard private. ... Heres a set of tips and ideas on how to use plants to create privacy in your garden or yard! Screening: plants for/RHS Gardening

Aug 31, 2014 . Suitable plants. Suitable plants for screening can include hedging shrubs, trees or grasses and bamboos, depending on the level of formality, and the height and spread required for the space. . This is especially effective as a means of continuing screening above a 1.8m (6ft) standard boundary fences