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Do you get a squishy feeling when you are walking across the cockpit of your sailboat? or the deck of your center console fishing boat? Guess what? - The original deck material in most yachts is simply plywood, balsa or closed cell foam. add water and rain.. and YUP you got it. that just equals ROT. A loose bolt, a small..

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Apr 28, 2017 . Maintenance is another consideration that goes hand in hand; frequent repairs to the dock can compromise its long-term use. Comfort: Many plastics, composites, and metals heat up in the sun, which can make them difficult to use long term in warm climates. Aesthetics: The look and style of the decking is..

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Nov 10, 2015 . CHECK OUT OUR NEW FIBERGLASS GUIDE HERE: /ycyaffxq Help support this show! /BoatworksToday Additional information..

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I could not remove the deck without cutting it out, which I did today. Water was seeping out of the stringers once the foam was removed. I am not sure what material is the best, wood, Coosa etc. I read someone said pressure treated plywood is good for the stringers yes or no? Once that decision is made..

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Jul 31, 2013 . Fiberglass cored composite construction is a reliable, proven boat building technique that when executed properly yields a stiff, light structure. . When core material, wood in this case, is visible at a deck penetration, such as this fuel fill, the only thing standing between it and water saturation is sealant

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Do not, they say, go at your boat with a heat gun unless you want to end up with a very expensive planter or a pile of worthless melted plastic. Composites generally don't suffer from this problem, so any deformations on that sort of hull would require assistance from a repair center. Folding and inflatable kayak concerns

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Deck lines are lengths of cord, rope, or bungee, used to attach gear to the deck of a kayak, or as an aid for a swimmer to hold onto a floating kayak. Back to the . It helps protect soft goods more than kayaks but it does help protect plastic from UV damage and floors some color on poly boats and composites. Back to the..

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Jun 24, 2012 . How to Repair a Damaged Composite Canoe or Kayak - Carbon/Kevlar Fibre. Easy Composites . Step-by-step video tutorial showing how to repair light damage to a broken or damaged composite kayak, canoe or boat: . Excellent video and workmanship but the top of the boat is called the deck. You kept..

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Skagit Valley College has an award winning Marine Maintenance Technology Department as part of the Northwest Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing and Technology. I took the Vacuum Infused Plastics (VIP) Course so I could master the skills I need to apply the Vacuum Infusion Process to properly repair the..