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Nov 11, 2015 . HOW 'BOUT SHEDS? Sheds should be considered the same as decks. Don't buy one that isn't all pressure treated wood, inside and out. It's probably best not to set it direct on the ground, without preparation. Best, of course, would be to BOLT the shed to a standard four-inch concrete slab. You cast the..

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Planning, Preparation, & Execution. Ground-level wood decks are typically not ground-level. they rest on (or slightly under) the ground and are a "step up". By constructing the frame from non-rotting pressure treated lumber, you don't have to worry about this deck ever needing repair due to mildew or fungus invasion! Deck Building Highlights - part 1 - ledger board, site prep, and .

Jul 3, 2013 . Deck Building Highlights - part 1 - ledger board, site prep, and footings. I briefly show how my ledger board has been attached to the house, how I've prepared the ground under the deck, the footing holes and the first poured cement footing

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Sep 14, 2017 . Picture of cement deck blocks. Easy to situate as needed on your site, cement deck blocks provide the foundation for floating decks, as shown in this picture. David Beaulieu. The floating deck in this project will stand just 9 inches off the ground. Concrete deck blocks (sometimes called "cement deck blocks")..

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Nov 1, 2017 . Preparing the site. The key to building a successful decking area is all in the planning. Do you want the decking to be in a sunny or shaded area? Do you want to build it where you have privacy from your neighbours? Is it going to be level on the ground, or will it be raised with timber set into concrete? How to Build a Solid, Frost-Proof Deck Footing | Family Handyman

Dig and pour your deck footings so they extend below the frost line. That way, they won't move, or heave, as the ground freezes and thaws during season

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Mar 15, 2015 . Depending on how long you want to use the easy pallet deck, put more or less work into this step. We wanted our deck to be temporary so we simply cleaned up the space and levelled it without using any sand or gravel. This way the garden soil in this area stayed intact and if we decide, down the road, that..

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Railing heights. lithe deck is close to the ground, within, say, 30, no railing may be required. If one is required, a minimum railing height of 36 - 42 is required. Foundation piers. The local codes will regulate the size, spacing, number, and method of construction of your piers. They will also regulate the depth of your pier..

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Feb 16, 2011 . The final step of preparing the deck site involves applying a layer of gravel to the ground surface. It occurs after you remove about 3 inches of grass from the area in which you plan to build your deck. You want to uncover the bare ground in a space that is approximately 2 feet bigger than the planned deck..

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Feb 21, 2013 . If you are building your deck over grass or soil, you will need to prepare the ground before you start. If the deck is going to sit on flat concrete or an area of paving slabs, no footings or foundations will be needed, but you may need to use some thin timber offcuts to pack out one or more of the corners to make..

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Cover Soil Depending on Height of The Deck. OK, so if you have finished digging your holes and poured your footings and piers, you are now ready to prepare the site for gravel or other finishing before you get right into the building phase. As you can see, the deck site for this project was a simple as they come. The site had..

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Preparing the area. 1. An existing patio or concrete base can be used as a solid foundation for your deck. Start by measuring and marking out your decking area. 2. If laying the deck over lawn, mark out the area then dig out to a depth of 50mm. Cover the ground with landscaping fabric and add gravel. For soft ground, place..

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Aug 7, 2016 . Here is how I built a deck in my backyard. It's a "floating deck," which means it simply rests on blocks at ground level. By comparison, a raised deck is supported by a framework that requires sufficient anchoring to keep it from falling over. Since ground-level decks can't fall over, they simply "float" on the..

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Prepare the Ground for the New Shed. The first thing that you need to do to prepare the ground for the new shed is to level the surface. You can do this by first putting in concrete, timber decking, or a garden slab. If you don't do this, it could result in the garden shed warping, broken windows and even damage to the wood

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It's important to properly prepare this ground beforehand so as to prevent any issues in the future. If you don't intend on utilising an under-deck drainage system (which can often be very costly) it's recommend that you build your deck on an oversite which is free draining. A gradient of 1 in 40 will usually suffice for a garden..

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Site Preparation Once the plans are finalized and approved by the local building department, your deck building work can begin. Any obstructions such as shrubs, outbuildings, or small trees that are not included in the design must be removed from the construction site. Soil near the foundation should be graded so that it..

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Learn about building a deck with the experts at DIY Network. . for satisfaction. But the real key to a great project is up front good planning and preparation makes construction go faster and easier, cost less, and ensures outstanding results. . In this series, Chip Wade shows you how to build a deck from the ground up