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In this true story, Molly Craig (Everlyn Sampi), her sister Daisy (Tianna Sansbury), and their cousin Gracie (Laura Monaghan) are all "half castes," what the British call children of mixed-race couples. Their British fathers have long since left, and their homes are with their mothers in Jigalong, an area along a rabbit-proof fence..

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Mobile Fence Parental Control protects children from accessing harmful contents (websites, apps, videos) through smart devices and limits usage time to prevent smartphone addiction. Also, parents can monitor their children's location in real time and is notified when their children enters or leaves safety zone set by the..

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If your child has an iPhone, you can use Apple's very own Find My Friends app (on your iPhone) to track down your child and have Geofence-based notifications sent to you when they enter or leave a designated area. In order to track your child's location, you'll first need to "invite" your child via the Find My Friends app and..

Mobile Fence: Best Parental Control App

MobileFence is a leading parental control app for Android. Help your kids build healthy habits by monitoring all of their online activities, such as apps, websites, SMS text, and even location. MDM(Mobile Device Management) solution

Luna Launcher turns your Android phone into a kid-friendly device .

Sep 29, 2016 . On the fence about whether your child is old enough for their own smartphone? A new app called Luna Launcher can help you warm to the idea, by offering a simple way to limit access to select apps and actions, including who they can call or text a list you can restrict to family members, for example

Smart-Phone Apps Help Parents Track Children's Movements .

Sep 14, 2012 . An increasing number of apps for mobile devices are utilizing GPS technology to help parents keep tabs on their kids. . Footprints (available for iPhone; $3.99 per year): As with Securafone, parents can set up virtual fences around their kids and be alerted when they exit the area. (This feature is said to be..

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Kidsafe, the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia (CAPFA), was established in 1979. We are an . Pool Fence Safety . For more information and to access the campaign resources, including the online home pool safety assessment app, please click on the links below and the menu items to the left

'I, Tonya' could have turned out so differently here are the best .

Jan 24, 2018 . Find out if your child should be wielding a pair of ice-hockey boots or a fencing epee or both. . I scholarship, and first they'll find out that there's a lot more competition out there than they think. Secondly, even if your kid is good enough to play at a Division I school, the scholarships are still very limited.

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One of the most exciting aspects of fencing is the opportunity for competition. In many areas, there are plenty of options for local and youth competition but one of the unique elements of the sport is how many possibilities there are for national and even international competition. For most kids who play more "traditional"..

Park district builds its first fenced-in play area | Simi Valley Acorn

5 days ago . PLAYING IT SAFEA fence was recently installed around the play area at Big Sky Park, providing a place where children of all abilities can play without the danger of one of them wandering away. Courtesy of Rancho Simi Recreation and Park DistrictThe Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District has..

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May 18, 2017 . If you have more than one kid, the revamped Filip app allows for multiple profiles to be created. The GPS sensor extends to geo-fencing features, which Filip calls 'Safezones'. Up to five of these can be set up, meaning that you can be alerted everytime your little rascal strays away from a designated area

Fayetteville Drowning Incident Leads Rogers To Fence In School .

4 days ago . ROGERS (KFSM) -- Two schools have new fencing around sections of their playground areas. The new fences at Old Wire and Bonnie Grime Elementary Schools have completely enclosed the playgrounds. "It makes me feel really good just because I don't want anything to happen to my kids

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Nov 21, 2015 . Your Backyard. Your backyard can be a safe play area for your child if you eliminate potential hazards. . If you have any poisonous plants, either replace them or securely fence and lock that area of the yard away from your child. . Don't allow children to play on a treated lawn for at least forty-eight hours

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While privacy fences are well-known as a way to keep wandering eyes out, they also serve as an excellent way to keep children safe, pets in, and noise out. Dog-ear fences are . Privacy fencesdog-ear, arches, shadow box, and screenwork best to fence in play areas or pools in backyards. Curb appeal is not only about..

Ax-wielding woman climbs fence, threatens children on North Las .

Feb 27, 2018 . A woman holding a pick ax and screaming threats climbed a chain link fence at a North Las Vegas elementary school Tuesday, according to North . Officers from the North Las Vegas Police Department responded immediately and took the woman into custody before she could access the playground area