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The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Decking Materials

Mar 2, 2017 . There are plenty of sustainable decking materials out there, starting with classic wood and the plethora of new composite decking materials available. . to pay more up front for a low-maintenance material? Read on to find out some guidelines regarding the best sustainable decking materials on the market

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Redwood is the most expensive wood used in decking and other structures. The farther away one is . Always wear gloves and a dust mask when working with this lumber. Tropical Hardwood. Advantage: Tropical hardwood is becoming more abundant and is utilized more in the construction market today. Lumber sold as..

Why Use Ipe When You Can Have Black Locust? THE DIRT

Nov 10, 2011 . A firm in Massachusetts is importing containers from Hungary and taking it upon themselves to expand the domestic market. While using this wood puts him out of the 500 mile range the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) calls for in sourcing sustainable materials, he said we have to think bigger about..

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Hardwood Lumber Markets. -87%. 5%. 9%. 6%. 6% 15%. 47% 12%. 2010 market share: Data source: Hardwood Market Report. 2009, 2011. . 66%. 63%. Hardwood Lumber Market Share. Source: W. Luppold, U.S. Forest Service .. Product Declarations. Source: FPInnovations, Western Red Cedar Decking EPD, 2011

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May 18, 2015 . But I'm getting ahead of myself first we need to build you a long-lasting, good-looking, sustainable deck, Ian. You started with wood, . Your perfect deck will depend on your budget, the local lumber market, and what kind of maintenance you're willing to do to keep the boards in tip-top shape. Not knowing..

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EVOLUTION OF AFRICAN TROPICAL. WOOD MARKETS. Ethics and pragmatism for a sustainable development of forest resources. Emmanuel Groutel, PhD. November 2013. EU FAO ... At present, the flagship product for tropical woods is still decking with its traditional North American and European markets. In fact, some..

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Massaranduba Brazilian Redwood hardwood decking supplier for exterior wood decks. . Massaranduba is one of the most durable and distinctive decking materials on the market today. . All of our products are certified under IBAMA or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) green environmental guidelines for sustainability

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HD Deck is also a sustainable product, reinforcing the ongoing commitment to the environment. It comprises 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood from sustainable sources that can be traced back to origin, along with recycled plastic. HD Fence is a range of wood plastic composite fencing that provides an..

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MataverdeDecking.com is committed to offering the best selection of sustainable hardwood decking and siding. Learn more about . FSC provides standard setting, trademark assurance and accreditation services and market access for companies and organizations interested in responsible forestry. Products carrying the..

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Many in the wood products industry agree that Ipe is an unrivaled species for decking applications. However, the price continues to climb every year. It is important to educate yourself and pay very close attention to alternative decking products and discuss additional options that are available in the market. 1. IPE: No matter..

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Mar 15, 2016 . Whether you're constructing a deck, building a fence, or buying a nightstand, the type of wood you choose matters. In the best case, your purchase could support a sustainable community rainforest initiative. In the worst, it could contribute to the impoverishment of families, the clear-cutting of forests, or the..

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Apr 11, 2017 . As concern for the health of tropical forests is increasingly recognized in sustainable design thinking, alternatives to tropical hardwoods for decking and site furnishings are making their way into the market. The most promising alternatives are thermally modified lumber, polymerized lumber, acetylated..

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Jan 21, 2017 . There are many different considerations when looking at the sustainability levels of the various decking options. Wood, and softwood in particular, is one of the more sustainable choices on the market today. Softwood trees mature at a much faster rate than hardwood trees, making them a renewable source

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Mar 12, 2015 . Wood is still a popular choice for decks, but new technologies are making composites more attractive and sustainable. . create processed wood products that release nontoxic dust. Beaudry predicts that this category is set for a growth period, while the market for wet woods will shrink in the coming years

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Jan 18, 2012 . What is sustainable decking and why is it a green building material? High density hardwood decking is better than other decking material options

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We started this business when we saw the need to create a market for wood products made with a commitment to environment and community. . At our warehouse you'll find decking, fencing, flooring, paneling, lumber, and plywood - everything you need for your building and renovation projects. And we are a lead..

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Dec 1, 2017 . The upshot of this uplifting tour is that we expect to be able to provide growing markets with a stable and steady supply of juniper lumber in the coming months. November 03 . Once we finished sanding the tops of the timber decking, we coated the tops with clear Preserva Wood to help hold the color." Building a Deck - What is the Best Decking Material? - Lot-Lines

The cheapest decking material on the market is probably pressure treated pine the most expensive include exotic hardwood species and top-end coated composite decking. Here is a quick run-down on . Redwood takes hundreds of years to mature and therefore is not a sustainable wood source. Redwood coast around..