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Corrugated Steel Decking, B Deck, Mezzanine Decking, , Drill Screw Fasteners, Mezzanine Flooring, Deck Panels, Galvanized B Deck, and Roof Deck from your source for material handling equipment. . To calculate price of special lengths, multiply width (3) x special length (in feet) x price per square foot

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Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems are placed over corrugated steel decking, structural steel decking, and structural concrete. Where appropriate, they are used in reroofing applications over existing roofing. In the case of structural concrete, the concrete is generally strong enough to resist the dead plus live..

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joist girders and offers value-added engineering, drafting support and customized solutions and service. United Steel Deck,. Inc. was integrated with Canam's ... 18. 16. Thickness .0295 .0358 .0474 .0598 .0295 .0358 .0474 .0295 .0358 .0474 .0598 .0358 .0418 .0474 .0598. Weight, psf. 1.6. 1.9. 2.6. 3.3. 1.6. 2.0. 2.6. 2.0

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B Deck is strong, light weight, economical, and easy to install and is the most common structural roof deck. Verco HSB-36 stands for High Shear B Deck @ 36" Wide. Normally B Decking is used in short to medium span conditions ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet in distance. B Deck is 1 1/2" deep and is available in galvanized..

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7 foot to 12 foot Optimal Span Range. No Acustadek Option. Least steel weight per square foot floor deck. Meets SDI 2x12 inch standard profile requirements. Reduced composite slab depth compared to. 3WxH-36 and NH-32. Composite deck. 2 inch nominal depth, 36 inch coverage. 9 foot to 13 foot Optimal Span..

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ESR-2047 | Most Widely Accepted and Trusted. Page 4 of 21. TABLE 1EPICORE, ER2R, ER2RA, ER3.5, & ER3.5A SECTION PROPERTIES1. DECK TYPE. BASE METAL. THICKNESS. (inch). WEIGHT. (psf). AREA. (inch2/ foot). Moment of Inertia. I (inch4 / foot). Section Modulus. S (inch3 / foot). Positive,. IDP. Negative,

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profiles shall be determined in accordance with the AISI specification; the uniform loading case of wet concrete plus deck weight plus 20 pounds per square foot construction load shall be used. Minimum bearing shall be 1 ½ unless otherwise shown. Commentary: Form decks made of grade # steel may have a radius to

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The deck is accurately roll formed in varying configurations on the most modern high-speed roll forming equipment available. Steel roof and floor decks have long ... SECTION PROPERTIES. Deck. Design. Weight (PSF). I. Sp. Sn. Fy. Type. Thick. Ptd. Galv. in4/ft in3/ft in3/ft. KSI. B24. 0.0239. 1.36. 1.46. 0.121. 0.120. 0.131

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Section Properties (Fy=33 ksi). Notes: 1. Load tables are calculated using section properties based on the steel design thickness shown in the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) design manual. 2. Loads shown in the shaded areas are governed by the live load deflection not in excess of. 1/240 of the span. A dead load of 10 psf has..

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Pounds per square foot (All weights are approximate). ** Item numbers for the GAA & GBB series are created by adding additional numbers and letters to the series for each bearing bar size. For example, a GAA grating with a bearing bar size of 11/4 by 1/8 inch is a GAA-125A. Use the Conversion Calculator to convert..

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Specific product information may be available from facility representatives. 2007 Recycled Steel Content of Nucor Products. (% by Total Weight). Nucor Bar Products .. SECTION PROPERTIES. ALLOWABLE UNIFORM LOAD (PSF). Design. Deck. Thickness. Weight. Ip. In. Sp. Sn. Va. Fy in. psf in4/ft in4/ft in3/ft in3/ft lbs/ft ksi

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Gauge and Weight Chart for Sheet Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. September 1st, 2004. This article provides a quick reference to gauges of material, pounds per square foot, and gauge decimal equivalents


The fifty-pound per square foot loading does not consider concrete weight. See Figure 16 for recommended loading of the deck as a concrete form. Roof deck is not generally required to carry as much foot traffic as floor deck, but at least thirty pounds per square foot should be made available by roof deck. If the roof deck..

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Deck Gage, Design Thickness In. Weight Lbs. Per Sq. Ft. I in. Sp in. Sn in. Ptd. Galv. 22. 0.0295. 1.70. 1.90. 0.165. 0.192. 0.198. 20. 0.0358. 2.07. 2.25. 0.214. 0.247. 0.256. 18. 0.0474. 2.80. 2.95. 0.308. 0.336. 0.347. 16. 0.0598. 3.30. 3.40. 0.401. 0.431. 0.436..

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FLOOR PLATE. Thickness & Size. Weight Per Sq. Ft. Weight Per Plate. 14 Ga. 3.75. 48 X 96. 120. 48 X 120. 150. 60 X 120. 187.5. 72 X 120. 225. 84 X 120. 262.5. 96 X 120. 300. 1/8. 6.16. 48 X 96. 197.12. 48 X 120. 246.4. 48 X 144. 295.68. 60 X 120. 308. 72 X 120. 369.6. 84 X 120. 431.2. 96 X 120. 492.8. 3/16. 8.71

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These tables are developed for steel having a yield strength (Fy) of 33 ksi and for concrete with a weight of. 145 pounds per cubic foot and with a minimum compressive resistance (f'c) of 3 ksi at 28 days. IMPERIAL. SPAN (ft.) Slab. Deck Maximum unshored span Self Comp. mo. Deck-slab total uniform load capacity (psf)

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The Steel Span to Weight Curves are the quickest way to determine the weight of steel per square foot of bridge deck for straight, low skew, plate girder bridges. The Curves are organized by span arrangement (1, 2 or 3 or more span bridges) and girder spacings. To use the graphs first determine the bridge span..

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SECTION PROPERTIES (Fy=33 ksi). Gage, Design Thickness, Weight Ptd, (psf) Galy, Ip (In4), In (In4), Sp (In3), Sn (In3), Download. 22, 0.0295, 1.58, 1.61, 0.158, 0.180, 0.183, 0.189. 20, 0.0358, 1.98, 2.04, 0.203, 0.220, 0.226, 0.234. 18, 0.0474, 2.60, 2.70, 0.291, 0.293, 0.307, 0.313. 16, 0.0598, 3.10, 3.20, 0.370, 0.370..

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Browse Type B Roof Deck in the ANS Steel Co. catalog including Item #,Deck Type,Design Thickness,Weight

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and composite steel deck can be installed for as little as $5 per . foot. In contrast, wood-frame floors in small structures run about $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot. Concrete floors were therefore attractive only to customers will- ing to pay a big premium or those . signed to bear the additional weight of the steel-and-concrete