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Abstract: Noise barriers are widely used as an effective means to abate highway traffic noise. With public interest in eco-friendly and aesthetic designs for noise barriers growing, highway agencies are exerting greater efforts to provide the public with green noise barriers that are functionally sound as well as adaptive to the..

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WSDOT Design Manual M 22-01.13. Page 740-1. July 2016. Chapter 740. Noise Barriers. 740.01 General. 740.02 Design. 740.03 Procedures. 740.04 Documentation. 740.05 References. 740.01 General. The function of a noise barrier is to reduce traffic noise levels in adjoining areas. The noise abatement decisions are..

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Use of solid walls and earth berms as highway noise barriers is becoming more widespread. A survey of the methods generally accepted for use in acoustical evaluation and prediction of barrier performance indicates the following: First, most methods are based on the theory of Maekawa (diffraction by a semiinfinite..

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Noise Barrier Design - Visual Quality - Design. Visual Quality. Highway Traffic Noise Barriers at for a Noise Barrier? Noise barriers can be the Noise Down: Highway Traffic Noise Barriers,..

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Guidelines on Design of Noise Barriers. Environmental Protection Department. - 2 -. Highways Department. 2. Design Considerations. The primary function of noise barriers is to shield receivers from excessive noise generated by road traffic. While the onus of mitigating road traffic noise lies with the road projects, noise

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both with regard to the urban environment behind the barrier and as seen from the road in front of it. This report presents a series of examples of noise barrier design used in Denmark and other European countries. The report is primarily based on the work carried out by the Danish Road Directorate in the last fifteen to..